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YFA 2019



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A film from the Ibberson family collection. This film shows family scenes at home and around Sheffield and includes the last horse drawn tram in Sheffield city centre (the extract shown here).

The film begins with a boy walking away from a white building, and then waving from the steps of a shunting engine.   He is then shown dressed in a regal looking historical costume, posing for the camera.  The film switches to a snow scene near Sheffield where three boys are on a toboggan.  They are then walking along near people skating on a frozen lake.  The film then switches again to show a, beautifully lit, room of a the three boys and a woman looking at a new born baby, followed by the mother holding the baby outside in the Ibberson family garden, sat on a seat.  The two younger boys are in the background: one with a tricycle, the other with a scooter.  A line of small boys and girls line up for the camera and then gather around the baby.  The film then shows the children playing in the garden.

The children are then shown inside sat around a table laid out for a party.  The film then switches to another occasion with a group of people, including Ibberson’s sons, coming into the garden and sitting on the bench.  They are then shown out on a ridge in the countryside (possibly the Peak District), one of the sons swings on a gate.  Back at the house the mother walks out holding the baby, followed by another of the sons up a tree and making his way down.  The family gather for a christening, including elderly Grandparents.  The film then switches back to the countryside, with women and the boys sat on some rocks, before setting off on a walk.  Then Billy Ibberson is shown taking a comedy tumble, dropping the contents of his satchel, followed by the two younger boys walking through the garden of a cottage.

The film continues with filming of the last horse-drawn tram in Sheffield, possibly over the bridge at the Wicker, and then by the station, with buses in the background.  The horses are shown being harnessed.  As it pulls away from the station the old Park Hill can be seen.  When it arrives in the city centre two of the Ibberson boys, who were on board, get off.