Film ID:
YFA 4080



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This is a promotional film made by Hornsea Pottery Company which takes the form of a business visit to the company from one of its buyers, demonstrating some of the processes involved in the manufacture of its products.

This film begins with a man, Mr McNully, arriving from abroad, in a Triumph 1500, at Hornsea Pottery Company with his wife. They are met by the Manager, Desmond Lawson, who has arranged for the wife, Shirley, to have a tour of the factory, whilst Mr McNully, who sells the pottery in Australia, has a business meeting with two members of the company. A member of staff, outside the Tea Gardens, comments on the fact that Hornsea Pottery gets 350,000 visitors a year. Another employee explains the changes to working practices brought about by the introduction of computers. Mr McNully then meets Harry Armstrong the Works Manager in the warehouse. He suggests starting in the 'Sliphouse' and sees the supervisor there, Mr Olsen. Harry Armstrong then shows one of the ways that the process has been made semi-automatic. Then one of the firm's engineering is seen at work on a new dipping machine. Other employees demonstrate more stages of the process of printing and glazing onto mugs and pots, and hand checking for faults. Mr McNully and his wife are then shown wandering around the gardens, with the Sales Director having a final word to the camera.