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YFA 5009



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This is a film from the Anne Horner Collection.  The film shows the family over several years, including at home at Christmas, on holiday on the beach at Filey and learning to swim.

The film begins with a small girl, Gillian in a red top playing in the garden.  She is joined by her mother pushing baby Sally in a pram.  The family are first at their home poultry farm in Dunnington, with friends the Bayes. They have a day trip to Flamingo land walk around looking at the sheep and lambs. There is a peacock, guinea pigs, dogs, a small elephant, monkeys, parrots and children feeding baby bears.  Daughters Gillian and Sally, in a pram, have ice creams. 

Then a year or two later the two children are shown pushing a toy pram with a doll.  They are then seen in the house of Anne’s parents, Roy and Marie Wailes, in Hempland Lane, York at Christmas time.  There are toys and an indoors tent near a coal fire. There is a large family group, with mum and the children playing, and with a TV set in the background.  Later granddad, Roy, pulls a sledge with the two children in the snow.

The film then moves on two and half years to the summer with the children in an inflatable water pool and playing in the garden in Dunnington in the sun.

Then the film switches to the beach at Filey, with the two girls, and with granddad burying the two children in the sand.  They are then rolling on the sand and seen with buckets and spades, before playing with a ball with a Jack Russell on the beach, with mother joining in. 

Then back to the garden and some girls in swimming costumes rolling a ball on a sun lounger.  There are several children playing in an inflatable pool filled with water.  The camera slowly moves in on two girls splashing in the pool.   The children pose in fancy dress, one dressed as a scarecrow.  They are next at an agricultural show, next to a cabin for Fred Horner the  (Hatcheries Ltd.) of Dunnington, York, before the film goes back to the children again in the garden.  They are sat at a table drawing and then playing in the garden on a hot day, with Richard (born in 1967) going around the garden with a trolley, and being nursed by his grandmother Marie at the grandparents house in York.  The film switches to children on lilos splashing around in a swimming pool. There is a section of film which is double exposed: of being on Filey beach superimposed with some school sports.

Then back indoors at Christmas time with an artificial Christmas tree perched on top of the TV.  The camera shows the decorations and a real Christmas tree.  Grandfather sits in an armchair smoking a pipe as the girls play with their new teddy bears.  They do some drawing before larking about and play acting with the TV on in the background. 

Then the film switches to an indoor swimming pool, with Gillian learning to swim, before switching again to show Sally making her first ‘professional’ appearance on a pony at Dibb’s Riding School, being led by an older girl. This is followed by a group of girls on horses and the film comes to an end.