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This is a film made by the angling committee of Sheffield and District Works Sports Association.  It features Sheffield anglers in competition and promotes the benefits of the sport.

Opening credits – Devised and produced by the Carborundum Film Unit, Manchester, England, in collaboration with the Sheffield and District Works Sports Association.

The film begins with a group of men, each carrying a wicker box and fishing rod, making their way to Victoria Station, Sheffield.  A couple arrive on scooters.  As they present their tickets for their fishing special excursion train, the film focuses on each of them as individuals, beginning with Tom Evans, a grinder at a big steel corporation.  Tom is shown at work and then fishing, giving an account of why he likes fishing.  At his home his son David helps his mother cooking and explains that his father is usually in a good temper after fishing.  His wife too states that her husband needs the relaxation, as she sees him off on a Sunday’s fishing trip.

On the train the fishermen play cards and are given their fishing cards before disembarking at Kirkstead, along with many more fishermen who take up the whole train.  The audience is informed that in Sheffield there are 40,000 anglers, Bennetts of Sheffield, Angling Stores, run by famous angler Jack Tar is shown.  He explains how much is spent on equipment, some £40 in total.  The fishermen line up along the bank of the river as the starter blows the whistle for the six hour contest to begin.  As we see the fishermen, Tom’s wife explains that she wouldn’t mind keeping maggots in the fridge, if she could have a fridge.

The Angling Committee of the Sheffield and District Works Sports Association is meeting, with Fred Gould, silversmith and the secretary on the river bank, lighting his pipe.  There is also the Chairman, Tom Eyre, chief training officer of a big steel works.  The narrator states that fishing is not about excitement but relaxation.  Several rowboats go past.  The whistle goes to end the competition and the fishermen weigh their catch.  The fish are then released back into the river.  Tom’s prizes are displayed, and we see the prize giving ceremony in the Lansdowne Hotel.  The Landlady also gets a trophy.  Tom collects a cup on behalf on the English Steel team.  The film ends with Tom back sitting on the side of the river and fishing.

The End