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YFA 5791



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This charming short film by Eric Hall looks around various English gardens in full bloom, mostly in Yorkshire and the Lake District.

Title – A Hallmark Production
Title – Homes and Gardens
Title – Photographed and edited by J Eric Hall

Title – Colourful memories of summertime wanderings

The film opens with a car driving down the road, probably in Yorkshire. After a view over a river with simple buildings on its banks, the gardens of several old stone homes are seen in full bloom, with bright orange flowers and cherry blossom. There are also yellow tulips, a yellow flowering plant cascading over a wall and some strawberry plants. 
A group of people, presumably the filmmaker’s family, sits on a rug on the grass having a picnic. One woman feeds their dog.

Title – Near Grange

A Tudor-style half-timbered house is seen from various angles, with attention paid to the wooden details on the eaves. Another house is covered in ivy and has a small greenhouse in its large garden. Tall yellow daisies cover the ground in a wooded area.

Title – Gawthorpe Hall and Arthington Nunnery

A stately home is seen from the end of the drive. The gardens are full of flowers in neat, square flowerbeds. The family from earlier in the film strolls along one of the pathways near the house, and the dog leaps off a low stone wall. 

Title – Pillar Hotel near Langdale

The group strolls in the grounds of the hotel, admiring the abundance of colourful flowers. One woman, probably the filmmaker’s wife, poses in front of a large black car.

Title – Waterhead – Ambleside 

A woman strolls down to the bank of a lake where swans swim around boats moored near a small pier. People sit under brightly coloured parasols in a nearby pub garden. The gardens of several stone cottages are seen, each with an array of vibrant plants. 

Title – Valley Gardens, Harrogate

People of all ages stroll around the gardens, which have a large bandstand in the centre, while children play in a shallow pond.

Title – Crowgill Park, Shipley

The tall white cross of a war memorial is seen from across the bright green lawn. Visitors stroll across the grass and sit on benches near the many flowerbeds.

Title – The Mansion – Audley End near Cambridge

A country house has an immaculate lawn in front of it. A small white folly is seen from a distance in the expansive grounds. Visitors amble around and a woman, probably the filmmaker’s wife, walks a dog.

Title – Park Avenue, Bradford

Various ornamental flowerbeds are seen in the sunshine.

Title – Earnseat School, Arnside

The clean white buildings of the school are surrounded by lawn, with trees offering shade from the sun.

Title – Home

The Hall family dog perches on a stone wall at the end of a vibrant garden and then performs tricks on a lawn. Red torch lilies stand in one flower bed. Inside, a vase full of flowers sits on the windowsill.

Title – O flower bloom on, and make forever the world more fair and sweet
Title – The End