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YFA 547



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Part one of a training film made by the army in Yorkshire that shows the best methods of camouflage and fieldcraft for the Home Guard.  Using short clips of film footage and intertitles are used throughout to explain the right and wrong way to carry out their certain manoeuvres.

The film opens with a soldier standing with his back to camera.

Title – Camouflage.

Title – and fieldcraft.

Title – The object of this film is to give instruction in Camouflage and Fieldcraft.

Title – produced under the direction of Major A.E. Wilkinson. O.C. ‘E’ Company 5th E.R.Bn H.Gd. with photography by F.A. Slim.

Title – The services of the electricity section of ‘F’ Company 5th E.R. Home Guard led by Sergeant H. Waters is gratefully acknowledged.

Title – Shadows alter as the sun goes round – Taken at 10 am.

A car drives along a road and parks in the shadow of a house. Two soldiers exit the car and walk away.

Title – 7 Hours later.

The soldiers return to find their car awash with sunlight.

Title – Sentries should make use of shadow.

By a wooded area, a soldier stands guard overlooking a clearing. In the first shot he stands clearly visible in the light, before a jump cut shows he has moved into the shadows and is now far less conspicuous.

Title – Obtain cover from view by the dark background of trees.

In the same location, the soldier stands in the sun beside a tree. He then becomes less visible by moving back standing against the tree trunk. In the next shot the soldier stands a short distance from the tree and aims his rifle at the camera.  He repeats the movement again, this time using the tree for camouflage.  Several shots then show principle using different areas for cover.

Title – The wrong and the right way of firing from the side of a tree…

Two examples show a soldier firing in plain view, before taking aim from the shadow of a tree.

Title – How to use a sniper’s suit against a tree.

A soldier in a camouflaged sniper suit takes aim from the cover of a tree.

Title – How to use a fold in the ground – First: unnecessary exposure. Second: minimum exposure with grass in helmet blending with the background.

A shot shows two soldiers hunkered down in high grass, and they swivel their rifles following a target. The same shot is shown again, however the soldiers now appear almost completely camouflaged.

Title – Use of a sniper’s suit when laid down in grass.

A grassy scene seems deserted for a prolonged moment, before a soldier in a camouflage sniper suit stands up and walks out of view.

Title – Sentries should not stand so as to cast a shadow – like this.

A soldier’s shadow is visible as he stands round the corner.

Title – Dark foreground with a light background.

In the distance soldiers walk through a wooded area with their shadowy figures visible against the contrast of the sunny backdrop.

Title – The wrong and the right way of firing from beside a bush…

A soldier stands in plain view by a bush holding his rifle. Another soldier runs alongside and takes a better position in the shadow of a bush.

Title – The wrong way for a patrol to advance along a hedgerow.

A group of soldier advance through a field, clearly visible as they follow a row of dense shrubbery.

Title – The correct way – by the use of the dark side of the hedge.

The soldiers advance beneath a shadowy canopy of the dense shrubbery.

Title – How to pass across gateways and gaps in hedges.

Moving in single file, soldiers quickly rush past an opening in the fence. They then do the same procedure again, but this time they move as a group.

Title – Never give orders like this – A large amount of unnecessary exposure completely advertises the fact that some action is intended.

The soldiers briefly gather in the sunlight by the fence, constructing a plan.

Title – Another use for a sniper’s suit.

A soldier sits camouflaged between a gate and a tree – only become visible when he raises his rifle.

Title – Look round rather than over cover.

Soldiers are shown hunkered down in the long grass. Two soldiers then crawl up to a mound where they get into the firing position, pretending to shoot off several rounds. Another soldier, with more camouflage, gets into the similar position but appears far less visible.