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NEFA 17669



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This amateur home movie compilation in the McQueen family collection contains footage from the 1950s of domestic scenes, a friend’s wedding and several family holidays both abroad and in the UK, which include Arran in Scotland and the Lake District.

A brief shot of a bride and groom showered with confetti after a wedding ceremony opens the film.

There is a general view of the back garden of the McQueen’s home at Seafield View,Tynemouth.

Olive McQueen and her friend, Evelyn (a worker at British Rail), are on the deck of a cruise ship. Olive wears pale-rimmed fashionable 1950s sunglasses and shorts, whilst her friend is in a strapless mini sun frock. An older woman poses with Olive and friend, also in a strapless sun top. The three women play a game on deck, throwing a rubber ring over a net, possibly a variation of quoits.

Looking from the rear of a boat piloted by a man in uniform, a Mediterranean (?) coastal resort with multi-storey buildings and palm trees is in view. Closer to the resort, there is a hotel called the “Lido” on the seafront, coaches parked nearby, boats on the beach. A shot of a fountain follows. A steamboat sails in the bay and another sea resort is seen with mountain behind. Men rent out floating sun loungers. There are various shots of young men, dressed in brief swimming trunks, gesticulating from several boats on the sea. Evelyn walks along a promenade, dressed in fashionable full-skirted sundress with petticoats. She sticks her tongue out at camera. Behind her, a local man smokes a cigarette and lounges against a seafront railing, with tilted hat pulled low over his forehead. There is a brief shot of a mountain landscape.

Olive and friend play a game at a hotel. Four women of different ages walk on the forecourt of a white modernist building, where people are lounging beneath parasols at tables. There are general views of the different women out and about at the hotel complex. There are general views of sailing boats in a bay. A woman in a fashionable patterned frock walks through a hallway.

There is a shot of Olive in the family garden.

May McQueen’s brother, Bob Neasham, sits at a bench in the Lake District with a young boy in a bowl haircut. A man poses next to a Humber car. A small boy poses next to a pony in a field. General views of the mountain landscape are followed by footage of the McQueen and Neasham family groups at Keswick. The families (Mac and Alan, Bob and Claire, and May) play golf at Keswick Golf Club with Blencathra, Skiddaw and Helvellyn mountains in the background. May poses in the sun with an elderly couple.

A family friend, Joan Bilton, is filmed with her baby, Elizabeth.

May and a man are seated on a bench and speak to camera.

A shot of swans on a lake is followed by a low angle shot of two figures waving from a bridge or walkway, somewhere on the Norfolk Broads.

Bob Neasham sits in a car with a woman and a young boy, Bob smiling through the car window.

May and Claire Neasham walk past camera, with a background view of a waterside wooden building.

There are various portrait shots of Bob at his 1930s semi detached home in Shipley Road, Tynemouth, and by his car, with a cigarette in his hand.

The bride, groom and guests pose for photographs after the wedding of family friend, Jenny Cresswell. A woman photographer takes formal group wedding pictures. A shy young girl poses for the camera in sunlight. There are more shots of the guests, which include a toothless man in a flat cap with a flower in his lapel.

Bob Neasham is standing at a jetty in the Lake District, again with a cigarette in his hand. A steamship cruise boat is moored by a boathouse in the background. General views document the lake and mountain scenery. May and Claire Neasham are seated on a stone wall in the lake District, a forest behind them. A shot records a bird hopping in and out of hole in a gatepost. There is a general view of a large stone hotel in the Lake District. An upmarket Vauxhall Cresta E car with two tone paintwork is parked beside the porch. After a shot of the rural scenery, the camera returns to the Vauxhall Cresta E car. There are scenic views of a lake shore and mountains.

Bob Neasham poses on a quayside in Arran. A steamboat sails past in the bay. May poses by a hotel. A Scottish piper in tartan kilt plays bagpipes in the glass roofed art nouveau style porch of the hotel as two men stand and listen. May and Claire Neasham consult a guide. The piper walks by camera.