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'Home Grown' is a film about life-style, personal choice and principles.  Set in the fields of Brickyard Farm, Ackworth, West Yorkshire, Home Grown tells the story of an organic farmer John Brook who forms an unusual attachment with eco-activists.  Home Grown is shot at the third annual Northern Green Gathering and captures the spirit and hope of a growing contemporary culture of grass roots activism.

The film begins with an interview with farmer John Brook at his Brickyard Farm, speaking about his background, his conversion to organic farming, and showing his free range pigs.  Brook and his wife load their van with fruit and vegetables for delivery. 

Elsewhere on the farm, people are putting together a permaculture house and garden on the site of the festival.  One of those involved, a man with a beard, explains their outlook.  John Brook arrives in his van.  One of the organisers explains the philosophy behind the festival.  John drops off his food and explains how he got involved in the festival.  Another organiser explains how they found John through the Soil Association. 

While playing the accordion, a woman sings a French-sounding song about consumerism.  Meanwhile, people are shown around the site making preparations.  Other people there are interviewed, and John explains how the money works whilst picking beetroot from a field overlooking the festival site.  He states that he hadn’t been to a musical festival before this one which was started three years ago.

Some of the festival-goers talk about their travelling homes and tents.  Several of the sights around the festival are shown, and the bearded man talks about the festival as well as how he makes jewellery from copper which he has picked up from here and there.  The accordion player states that she, "…has been called an environmental fascist, but that's by people with no sense of theatre." 

The person running the solar and wind power explains what they are doing and how it works.  A couple of small boys talk to the camera about the electricity.  Other people there talk about the festival and about their alternative lifestyles.  The father of the accordion player gives his thoughts on the festival and the issues for which they are campaigning.  John Brook explains how he wants his involvement to go beyond just providing a field.  More of the festival-goers, including someone from Greenpeace, give their views on the festival and the message for which it stands.  One person talks about the June 18th protest against globalisation and how participants in this protest have used the internet.  Another interviewee, who is running a green play area for children, talks about what they are doing and about renewable energy.

As the sun goes down, groups of people walk around carrying flares.  They form a singing circle a bonfire.  A woman performs a ceremony which appears to have pagan influences.  The circle is then filled with performers juggling fire poles or dancing trance music background.  The film finishes with the fire jugglers.

End Credits:  ‘Special thanks, John Brooks Brickyard Farm, Altech, Greenheart, Northern Green Gathering, Talamh, Pictish State Physical Theatre, and everyone who took part in the making of this film.  Production Team: Judi Alston, Andrew Wicks, Billy Johnson, Ben Harris, Katie Harris.  Post production: off line edit – Steve Richards, on line edit – Elite Television.  Produced and directed by Judi Alston.  Funded by The National Lottery, Wakefield MDC Museums and Arts.  Made as part of the A4E Contemporary Video Collection.  One to One Production May 2000’