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YFA 3920



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This film shows a family enjoying time together at their home as well as taking trips to Brimham Rocks, Brampton and Scarborough.

The film opens as Mother and daughter stand next to a white horse on the gravel driveway. The daughter leads the horse into the stable yard to tie up, and then she leads the horse from the stable yard and garage (JUM 693). At the end of the driveway, the girl gets onto the horse and rides up and down the road. A boy walks in the garden, swinging a golf club at his side. He then plays golf on the lawn, and there is also a chicken coop filled with hens and cygnets.

Inside the house the family gather around the dining table. The father brings a chicken into the dining room and places it on the table to carve the meat, later served on plates to everyone by the mother. The two boys walk into the stable yard where the dog is laying down. One of the boys begins to eat a sweet, and his brother shoves it into his mouth. The two boys attach a rope between two bicycles and get on them and ride in the stable yard. They ride their bicycles around the garden lawn. Through the kitchen window a woman is seen smoking out of the open window as the man mixes ingredients in a bowl. The two brothers ride on the same bicycle around the garden as the dog chases them and bites one of the boy's shirts and pulls him off the bicycle. The boys ride the same bicycle around the lawn with the dog chasing them (wrong speed). A group of boys play in the garden in shorts they each take it in turns to jump over a rope hurdle. A girl jumps over, wearing her swimming costume, and the father tries to do a cartwheel over the rope but falls to the floor (wrong speed).

The two boys walk up the slope to Brimham Rocks. The brothers climb up the rocks to the top and down again. They climb over the various rocks and climb up into caves and through small gaps in the rocks.

On the front porch of the house the father is laying on a sunbed, resting with the newspaper on his chest (The News of the World). The two boys aggravate their father by putting a towel and a net in his face. Inside the house a woman lays on the sofa as the two boys jump around the living room.

In the garden the father is playing rugby with three boys and a girl as the dog chases them around the lawn. The children line up to run across the lawn and catch the ball, passing it backwards. As they run, one of the boys hurts his ankle and sits on the lawn (wrong speed). The father sits on the bench next to one of the boys as the other boys and girl ride around the lawn on their bicycles. The father rides one of the children's bicycles around the lawn while smoking a cigar. In the field behind the house, the father boys play baseball or rounders as the girl strokes one of the horses and the dog runs around.

In the garden the two boys play with remote control cars on the path next to the house. Inside the house, a woman wearing a hat sits at the table in front of a sewing machine. The woman falls to the floor laughing, and also on the table are baking ingredients. On the porch the father lays on the sunbed reading the newspaper and smoking a cigarette. In the garden the three boys walk around the flowerbeds with nets catching butterflies with the girl. In the stable yard the daughter helps two boys climb onto their horses. The mother walks in the garden with the dog as one of the boys approaches her on their horses. The boys ride their horses in the field behind the house. The girl gets on to her horse and rides with her brothers around the field as another horse that isn't being ridden rides alongside them. The three children ride their horses along a road where cars are driving, and they ride in the field together. After the ride, the children climb off their horses and lead them to the stable yard.

The two sons and the father play golf on the green.

On the beach at Scarborough, one of the boys picks up a crab and buries it in the sand. The boy picks up another crab and throws it back into the sea. They walk along the beach and around a stone monument. One of the boys stands on the weighing machine and puts a coin in the top. He then looks at the scales rise. The father stands on the weighing machine and places a coin in the top to find out his weight. Carrying her handbag, the mother walks along the golf green. Ivy covers the buildings facing the golf green, and there are views of Scarborough beach, bays and cliffs. A boat which is sailing in the bay can be seen, and there is more footage of Scarborough roof tops, the sea, cliffs and Scarborough castle. The film closes with images of boats moored in the docks (GY.212 - SCANDIA - 755).