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YFA 543



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Part of the Pashley Collection, this film contains footage of a holiday to Holy Island as well as a day out in Bridlington.

The film opens with views of the sea and waves washing up along the beach.

Title - Holy Island

There are large stone buildings and ruins which are visible among the tall grass and rolling hills. A couple can be seen taking pictures of the landscape. This is followed by shots of the seagulls gathered on the shore and a panning shot of the coastline. Rows of houses can be seen just beyond the sand.

Sign - The National Trust Lindisfarne Castle

The castle is situated on top of a large hill, and there are a few people who can be seen making their way up the long and winding pathway to the castle. The surrounding countryside and water can also be seen. After the tour, men and women make their way back down the road and continue onto other site-seeing destinations.

Sign - Robert Bell Grocer Confectionary Fruit Souvenirs
Sign - Visitors will be welcome to be shown round the winery on Saturday Next at 2-30 PM.

Following this are shots of beautiful gardens full of colourful flowers. Next, the holidaymakers take a drive along some of the island roads. There is sand on either side of the road, and a castle can be seen in the distance. Once in another town, an old man and woman take a horse-drawn cart tour around the town.

After passing the Central Methodist Church, the group make their way into the Hornsea Pottery store. Part of the workshop can be seen, and employees tend to the customers, some of whom make a purchase.

The tour continues through the town. They pass a harbour full of boats and other scenic attractions. A little girl can be seen jumping on a trampoline in a park. Next they are in Bridlington Parish Church, and there is footage of both the exterior of the church as well as the stained glass windows inside. The tour continues back through the town.

On a large concrete rink, there are two dancers who perform on roller-skates. A crowd of spectators have gathered around the rink to watch the performance. Following them are many other groups of dancers who skate around the rink. The film ends with the horse-drawn cart returning to the spot at which it picked up its tourists.