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YFA 5013



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This is a short film from the Anne Horner Collection showing a hunt assembling in the village of Holtby, and a junior horse jumping event.

The film begins with members of a hunt arriving at the start in the village, being served a stirrup cup, followed by some riding over fields.  Following this, there are some family members on a veranda as the sun is going down. The next scene takes place at home at Christmas, and a Christmas tree can be seen. 

The film returns to the hunting party as it gathers in Holtby, near Holy Trinity Church.  They gather outside the Windmill  pub on Hull Road, Dunnington, with a sign for Cameron Ales.  Members of the Middleton hunt party are served drinks, a stirrup cup, by Freddie Quarton.  Anne is there on Pippa with her friend Christine Ashcroft, similarly mounted.  Next, a horse and foals can be seen in a field.  This is followed by a junior horse jumping event.  The family are gathered by their car, a blue Rover (reg.  PPY 868G), as the film comes to an end.