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YFA 511



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This is film featuring various events in Holmfirth, including the local circus of The Ladringlo’s.

The film begins with a girl and a man walking around some old buildings.

Intertitle – The Ladringlo’s

There is an acrobatic circus performance on a revolving wheel outside.  Then there is a procession through Holmfirth with girl guides and a float with boys shovelling hay.  Children are wearing historical costumes and traditional dress from other countries.  Others are in fancy dress and there is a group wheeling decorated cycles, some with mannequins on them.  A hog is being roasted on an open fire.

Intertitle – Crowning Glory of Holme Valley Queen (Oct. 13th 1932).  Holmfirth Shopping Week.

The Holme Valley Queen heads a parade, possibly accompanied by her father, and takes her seat on the throne.  She then makes a speech after another man has addressed the crowd before she is led away, followed by her entourage.

Intertitle – Some views of Holmfirth

An elderly man, possibly the vicar, poses for the camera, followed by several women wearing aprons.

Intertitle – Homebridge Church

The church is shown in the distance.

Intertitle – Holmfirth from Waterside

There is a view over the valley.

Intertitle – From Hollingreave

Again the valley is shown from another view.

Intertitle – Holmfirth Alterations
Intertitle –Impromptu

There is a site where a building has been demolished, and the beginnings of a new building being watched by several men, one in a white overcoat.  A truck drives past as pedestrians walk by.

Intertitle –Deliberate

There is a new building and another derelict site, with a factory behind it.  Cars are parked in the street.  The site overlooks a river.  There are several tall chimneys.  A man is ascending one of them on a ladder.

Intertitle – Sheep roasting Holme.

A sheep’s carcass is on a spit.  There is a man ladling fat over it and a crowd looking on.  A man in a white coat arrives.
The film switches to a man on a bicycle in fancy dress, followed by a marching brass band and a procession with various floats, one of them advertising ‘Brooks’.  There is a float for ‘Radio Platt’, and one for ‘The New Moon’.  There are lots of spectacular floats and people in fancy dress, with the Boy Scouts at the rear.

Intertitle – Jubilee Day; Old Folks Motor Ride

People get off a bus with ‘Green and white Motors’ written on the side.  There is crowd on a street watching as another bus pulls off, with a shop across the road for Battye’.  A group of elderly people are sitting on a bench.

Intertitle –  The Waggon that went too far.

A group of men stand looking over a wall, behind which stands a large gas cylinder and the town.  Down below a car is resting at the bottom of a bank with two men attaching a chain to it.  A traction engine has arrived to pull it back up, watched by a large crowd.  A policeman oversees the situation as the car is hauled along by the traction engine.