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YFA 792

HOLMFIRTH 1984-1988


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Part of the Kathleen Lockwood collection, this film shows the filming of some scenes from the programme, `Last of the Summer Wine'. The footage was taken from the set in the Holmfirth Valley. There are also shots of some of the factory chimneys and a large pylon being demolished.

Title-Holmfirth 1984

The film begins in the centre of the town where lots of people are walking about some people sit outside of a caf?. A woman rides a horse along the street and in the next shot a horse and cart drive along the road with a woman and man driving it and passengers in the back. There are shots of the buildings, streets and traffic in the town. Then horse and cart is parked at the side of the road; the woman gets back onto the cart and it drives away.

In the next section are shots of the back of some residential buildings that are a bit run down and then a shot of a group of older people walking along the side of a road. A crowd gather outside the caf?, and people can be seen sitting down and having a cup of tea.

There are some shots taken from one side of the road looking down the main street which is blocked with traffic. There are some shots of the parks and flowers around the town and a lingering shot of a bench dedicated to Joe Lockwood.

The next section is taken from the set of `Last of the Summer Wine'. Kathy Staff, who played Nora Batty, stands beside her trailer and smiles for the camera. There is a scene between Kathy Staff and Bill Owen, who played Compo Simmonite, which is filmed on the steps of one of the houses in Holmfirth. There are shots of the crew and equipment as well as another scene filmed outside the caf? with Jane Freeman who played Ivy.

Title-Mrs Waddington and the B.B.C.

Title-Tinker Hill

Three men with shovels dig in the heather, and nearby a woman sits on a chair, painting the scenery.

There are shots of a factory from different angles and a man is visible on top of the chimney with a pick axe.

Title-Holmfirth 1985.

There are shots from the main street filming the heavy traffic on the road. A huge construction truck is being carried along on the back on another lorry. This is followed by more shots of the streets, the horse and cart, tour coaches and heavy trucks driving along the main road.

Title-The pet show in shopping week.

There is along sequence of shots of local people and children showing their animals to the camera. There is a person dressed as a pantomime horse as well as shots of: a girl with a snake, a child on a pony, a boy with a guinea pig, another boy with a rabbit, a rat in a cage, some children with cats, and a man with a lizard.

Title-Spring 1986 at New Garth

There are lingering shots of snow drops growing in a garden and lots of flowers in a park.

Title-Summer 1986.

Title-July 23rd!

The weather is really dull and beside the river some tree surgeons load chunks of a tree into a van. This is followed by shots of the mountains, the valley and a very tall pylon with cables.

A postcard with a picture reads `Holmfirth Postcard Museum'. Crowds gather outside a building and a man makes a speech into a microphone. The woman beside him also says a few words. The man signs some autographs and then there are some shots from inside the museum.

A newspaper clipping reads `The Holme Moss Mast comes down at last'. Then there is a shot of a wind turbine in place of it and shots of the countryside.

Two large trucks are parked in the middle of a road and stacks of clothes are being put onto them using a forklift truck.

Title-The end of the Stoney Bank Mill chimney.

There is a shot of the street sig and shots of builders on the top of the chimney, demolishing it brick by brick.

Title-The End.