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YFA 512



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This film shows the workings of Holme Valley Memorial Hospital including the different wards, surgical operating theatre, and the opening ceremonies which took place for the new building in 1935.

Title - The Holme Valley Memorial Hospital

The film opens with a shot of the hospital, a cross, and the war memorial dedicated to those lost during the First World War.

Title - The Old Temporary Buildings

There are shots of the buildings exteriors.

Title - The Massage Department

A nurse is massaging a patient's leg and foot while he lies in bed.

Title - The Present Buildings.

Title - The Children's Ward

There is a sign noting the Ward's opening on August 5th, 1927 by H.R.H. Princess Mary. This is followed by shots of the Children's Ward, and there is a small child with his head wrapped in a bandage. He frowns at the camera. There are other children in the ward who are also being treated.

Title - The Men's Ward

The male patients are resting in beds outside where they can get some fresh air and sun.

Title - The Women's Ward

There is a photograph of the ward followed by footage of the female patients who are also outside in beds. Some women are sewing, and they smile for the camera.

Title - The Operating Theatre

A surgery is being carried out in the operating theatre. The surgeons wear masks, and the anaesthetist administers an aesthetic to the patient. There are also a few nurses present, and there is only a very brief glimpse of the patient at the end of this scene.

Title - The Maternity Ward

A midwife poses for the camera. She is holding new-born babies.

Title - The Building of the New Block

The new building is under construction. Brick layers are at work, and there is extensive footage included of the build. A cement mixer can be seen at the side of the construction site.

Title - The Stone Laying Ceremony

A small stage, on which hospital personnel gather, has been constructed at the front of the building. Most of the staff are seated on wooden chairs, and the local May Queen is also present for the ceremony. Dedicated stones are then put into place with the aid of a small crane. The stones are laid and carry the inscription of the following members: F.A. Roebuck Esq., Chairman, G.H. Charlesworth Esq., Secretary, C.E. Butterworker, Treasurer, and Battye Berry, Esq., Chairman of the Workpeople's committee. Speeches are then made to the crowd who are now visible around the building site. There is also one final stone which reads, "These stones were laid May 26th, 1934."

Following the ceremony, the construction workers finish the build, and there is footage showing this progression including the final portion of constructing the roof.

Title - The Opening Ceremony April 27 1935

A large crowd has gathered for the opening ceremony. Members of the hospital board and local dignitaries present make speeches to the audience as the building is officially opened. The spectators then make their way into the building.

Title - Snapshots

A few nurses are pictured, and this is followed by footage of a nurse playing with a dog near an entrance to one of the hospital buildings.

Title - Memories

The film closes with portraits of three unidentified men.

Title - The End.