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YFA 796



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This film is part of the Kathleen Lockwood collection and contains footage of Holmfirth in the 1940s and 1950s, as well as containing shots of stills showing the damage that was caused to the village after a huge flood.

The film opens with a shot looking down onto a river which is making its way through a valley. Two men walk along a road beside the water, and this is accompanied by the voiceover giving a history of the area and the reservoir. There are many shots of the river, trees and surrounding hills.

In the next section a man walks thorough a gate and into a field; there are shots of the trees, fields, wild mushrooms and plants. The man walks back along the path, through the gate and out again.

There is a shot of water cascading down stone steps and out of view. Following this is black and white footage of men pulling logs along in the forest behind a truck. They cut down other trees, first using pick axes to chop pieces off the trunks and then a long saw that they hold at either end to fell the tree. Finally the tree falls and it is then dragged onto a truck with other logs. A local mill is seen in the background.

Following this are newspaper headlines from May 29 1944. They include `Whit Monday in the Holme Valley', `Loss of Life Women and Man Drowned' 'Houses, shops and Mills Wrecked 1,500,000 tons of Flood Water. Dramatic Escapes'.

The voiceover talks about what happened.

Title-4 days later June 2nd.

There are photographs of men working on the road and of the flood damaged streets.

Title-Billberry Resevior June 3rd.

Many shots of flood damaged village. The voiceover continues to talk about what happened.

There is a shot of Kathleen Lockwood sitting in her front room and looking at an album of photos from after the flood in 1944. The stills show the damaged bridges, roads, buildings and emergency services, police and local people cleaning up.

The next section shows footage of bad snow storms that buried Holmfirth. Four men are digging a route along the main road and Kathleen Lockwood talks about the men who volunteered to clear the roads and paths and that she was able to go to school once they had done that.

Title-Hepworth Co-op

People clear snow away from their shops and a man holds a mallard which was caught in the snow and injured.

Title-Long Road Scholes.

Kathleen Lockwood keeps narrating what is happening in the film, who the people are and where they were. She speaks about how the locals helped each other during the bad snow storms.

Title-The End