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YFA 801



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Made by Kathleen Lockwood, this film contains footage of the events that take place to celebrate the Holme School Centenary in 1980.

Holme School's Centenary Celebrations.

The opening shot is of a small school house.

Title-Diary of a village school, Holme School 1880-1980

The voiceover says `Joshua Ernshaw, Lord Mayor of York £1,100'. This cuts to a shot of the man who did the voiceover sitting in a classroom reading from the diary. He says that the money was to be used for the purchase of a piece of land on which the school was to be built at Hinchley Mill. No land could be found at Hinchley but they later found land at Holme where the school was eventually built. The man continues on to talk a bit more about the history of the school.

A young girl dressed in old-style clothes, stands on the steps of the school and holds up a commemorative plate. Another group of boys and girls, dressed in the same clothing, walk up the driveway of the school. There are shots of the children in class sewing, writing and drawing, while the teacher and another man walk around. The children look and smile at the camera as they work.

There is a shot of the schedule for the centenary celebrations.

Men and women crowd into a classroom for the open day; they look at the art on the walls and talk to each other.

Mr Arthur Hallett (?) holds a golden key up to the camera. The voiceover says that it was the key used by Mary Howard to open the electric power station in Holme in 1915.

Following this is a sequence of shots from an exhibition of objects, clothing and pictures from the 1800s. A room is full of typewriters, dolls, shoes, clothing and other personal objects.

In the next section the school children play in the yard. They play old-fashioned games like skipping, hop scotch and rolling hoops with sticks.

Title-Friday 27th June 1980
Saturday 28th June 1980
Sunday 29th June 1980

There are more shots of the schedule of events.

A group of the children in a variety of costumes sit in a trailer which is being pulled along on the back of a tractor. Many of the children are dressed as trades people and gather in the town centre. The shot cuts to a fete in a field where there are stalls including `Guess the weight of the lamb' and a coconut shy.

Two women sit in a doorway, in old style costumes chatting and laughing and then there are more shots of the children in the back of another type of truck which is driving through the village; they wave at the camera. A large herd of sheep run down a road towards the camera and there is a brief shot is of a Punch and Judy show being watched by a crowd of children.

A brass, marching band makes their way along a street and then a crowd of locals gather and begin to sing

The voiceover sys they will look at the Sunday School. He walks into the building and holds the presentation bible up to the camera.

Title-The End.