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NEFA 12523



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This amateur film by brothers Frank and Edgar Dean Wilson follows a family on holiday at the coast, probably Scarborough. We see them on a miniature railway and enjoying the sea air on the beach. This is followed by a wedding, a walking holiday in the Lake District and an athletics competition for adults.

Title: Holiday By The Sea

[Black & white footage]

The film opens with a group of people eating ice cream.

A model steam engine comes into view pulling a train of passengers who sit in open air carriages. Travelling shot of the journey along the track and through a tunnel follows from on board the steam train. Shots follow of two adults and a young girl and ,possibly, the bay at Scarborough. The film returns to footage of the steam train.

General view of an open air swimming pool and a diving competition, the cliffs and castle ruins, the harbour and pier wall with views out to sea.

A woman and young girl play on the beach, where a man joins in. The man also helps the girl make a sand castle with a bucket and spade.

The film cuts to a boating lake [Peasholm Park?] and a battle between ships where cannon are fired.

A small scale replica of an old pirate ship is moored at a jetty, complete with an actor playing Long John Silver. The film cuts back to the beach, where adults and children play on the sands. Next, a queue of adults are boarding the replica pirate ship seen earlier.

The film ends at the boating lake again where the man and young girl paddle a canoe.

Title: The End - A Pathescope Film

[Black & White footage]

A wedding is taking place. The bride and groom stand at the church door before they leave. The wedding party follows the bride and groom into the grounds of the church. The bride and groom pose for photographs in the church grounds, folowed by other members of the wedding party.

[Colour footage]

A woman walks through undergrowth on a hillside, making her way with the help of a walking stick. General views show the countryside nearby. A man follows on up the hill carrying a backpack. The woman negotiates a rough track and makes her way to the rocky banks of a mountain stream.

General views follow showing a mountain landscape. A long distance view shows pleasure boats on a large lake.

A large estate with grounds and an imposing manor house features next. A Vauxhall estate car slowly drives along one of the estate roads. General views of trees, the grounds and flower beds follow. A closer view shows the extent of the mansion house, which then cuts to a view of a modern stone bungalow. Two women sit on a wall looking down from the bungalow's high location. General view of the surrounding landscape.

[Black & white footage]

Two adults run across an open field. The film cuts to the same two adults running towards the camera on a running track.

An event takes place in the playing fields of a school. A women's race takes place on a track followed by a men's race.

A men's long jump takes place. The man jumping, makes three attempts at acheiving a good distance.

The film ends showing a women's obstacle course race.