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NEFA 13592



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Amateur filmmaker Tom Brown (Senior) produced this black and white travelogue of a holiday in North Wales with his wife Mabel and friends.

Title: Holidays In North Wales

Credit: Filmed By T. Brown

Title: Llandudno
Group portrait of Tom and Mabel Brown with family and friends outside their bed and breakfast in Llandudno. All are laughing and joking.

Title: Promenade and Shore
The 'White Thistle' boat pulls onto the shore with passengers on board. Passengers leave the boat. Donkeys are tied up at the promenade awaiting customers for donkey rides. The promenade is crowded with people. General views of the promenade and bay follow.

Title: Launching The Lifeboat
Some men drag a lifeboat down a main street in Llandudno. The lifeboat is launched into the bay, and is seen on the sea. There are general views of people rowing boats in the bay. Children are digging deep holes in the wet sand at the edge of the sea. Other children are jumping off a diving platform in the sea.

Title: Model Yachts West Shore
Model yachts are being launched across the choppy water of the west shore model boating pool. People watch from the sides of the pool. The houses and steep hillside can be seen in the background.

Title: Great Orme Minstrels
A large audience are watching the Minstrels performing on stage at the open-air Happy Valley site, Great Orme, Llandudno. General view of the audience enjoying the performance.

Title: Happy Valley
General view of a crowded Happy Valley public park.

Title: Electric Boats
People drive around on the electric boat fairground ride, the boats bumping into each other like dodgems.

Title: Feeding The Gulls
People enjoy feeding the seagulls.

Title: On The Pier
Mabel Brown and friends stroll on the pier.

Title: S.S. St Tudno Arrives
The St. Tudno steamer, owned by the Liverpool and North Wales Steamship Company, arrives at Llandudno pier for the excursion route to the Menai Bridge.

Title: Embarking
A large number of people board the ship.

Title: Menai Bridge
A brief shot shows the Menai Bridge in the background.

Title: On The Bridge
Mabel walks towards camera on the Menai Bridge, a suspension bridge between the island of Anglesey and mainland Wales.

Title: View From The Top
A view from the bridge overlooks a shore on the Menai Straits.

Title: Lighthouse
Travelling shot of a lighthouse across choppy water filmed from boat ride.

Title: Caernarvon Castle:
Next, a general view of Caernarfon Castle and the statue of the castle's founder, Edward I, and his consort, Eleanor of Castille, under the tower by the north gate.

Title: Castle Entrance
People walk out of an imposing castle gate, probably King’s Gate on the north wall of Caernarfon Castle.

Title: On The Walls
View along the ramparts of the castle walls, and several shots of Mabel Brown as she walks along different parts of the walls.

Title: Rhyl. Childrens’ Pool & Concert Hall
A pool is crowded with children playing, as adults watch from the edges. In the background we can see the concert hall.

Title: Basket Beach Chairs & Pier
General view of the many basket weave pod chairs used by people on the beach. The pier appears in the background.

Title: Marble Church. Bodelwyddan
Next, there is a general view of the Marble Church (St Margaret’s Church) at Bodelwyddan, pan up towards the spire. The Browns’ family and friends walk through the churchyard.

Title: Conway. Castle And Bridge
General view of Conwy castle and bridge. Mabel Brown stands in the foreground and smiles. Looking out over the River Conwy, the camera pans to view of  Thomas Telford’s suspension bridge to the castle. A car drives through the gate of the bridge towards the camera. Next, there is a shot of four Alsatian dogs.

Title: Conway
In the town of Conwy, we see one of the main streets.

Title: Conway. The Oldest House In Great Britain
Shot across the very busy street in Conwy of half timbered and stone house.

Title: Conway. Plas Mawr. 16 Cen
There is a general view of the exterior of an Elizabethan town house with stepped gables and gatehouse. The film cuts to a sign that reads: 'Lourdes Grotto Calvary.' Mabel Brown and friends visit the replica Lourdes Grotto and gardens.

Title: Conway. Smallest House In Great Britain.
Visitors queue to enter the 'Smallest House In Great Britain.' People duck their heads to walk through the low entrance. Mabel walks away from the house and smiles at camera. The Conwy castle walls can be seen in the background. The camera pans up from the queue to show the castle tower behind the house.

Title: Conway. Gateways Through Town Walls
Shot of the gates in Conwy town walls from the street. Mabel walks around the town. The medieval walls are seen in the background.

Title: Conway. Shore And Boats
Mabel walks along the waterfront of the River Conwy, with boats moored on the bank.

Title: Bettws-Y-Coed. Pont-Y-Pair Falls
General views show the Pont-Y-Pair Falls in the centre of Bettws-Y-Coed village and are followed by a close-up of the foaming water.

Title: Bettws-Y-Coed. Swallow Falls
General views show the Swallow Falls on the Afon Llugwy river. Close-up of the water. People walk up stairs beside the waterfall.

Title: Bettws-Y-Coed. National Costume
Three people are standing in the rain. One woman is wearing Welsh national costume and selling souvenirs.

Title: Bettws-Y-Coed. The Lucky Elephant
Mabel and a friend buy a lucky charm from a roadside seller.

There is a close-up of the miniature elephant lucky charm. The African seller talks to Mabel and her friend.

Title: A Trip Up Snowdon
General view of the Snowdon mountain train.

Title: Snowdon On The Top
General view of the mist of Mount Snowdon. Mabel is standing at the base of the summit cairn on top of Mount Snowdon.

Title: Coming Down
The view from the train on the way down from Mount Snowdon shows the Snowdon valley, precipitous slopes, and spectacular mountain scenery, as another train passes on the track to the summit.

Title: Brambles
Mabel and family pick brambles.

Title: Fairy Glen
A man poses for the camera in Fairy Glen, a scenic gorge on the river Conwy in Betws-y-Coed, with rapids, cascades of water and woods on the banks of the river.

Title: Pont-Y-Pant Falls
Mabel and friends stand beside the wall by the River Lledr, with a view towards the bridge at Pont-Y-Pant.

Title: Pont Aberglaslyn Falls
General view of the rapids of the Aberglaslyn Falls. A man and woman are standing on the banks of the river, and the camera pans up to show the Snowdonia mountains.

Title: Beddgelert
Shot of River Glaslyn running through the village of Beddgelert.

Title: Gelert’s Grave
There are various shots of the supposed grave mound of the faithful hound dog of Llywelyn, Prince of Wales in the 13th century, on which there are two slate memorials, in Welsh and English. Mabel and friends are pictured beside the grave.

Title: More Falls
There is a general view of another rocky river (unidentified) in North Wales.

Title: St Asaph. Smallest Cathedral In Gt. Britain
Two women walk by the St Asaph cathedral.

End title: The End