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YFA 753



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This is a chronicle of Holidays at Home week in Bradford taken by a keen amateur filmmaker from the area who captured many similar events during the war. These popular events were held throughout Yorkshire and the rest of Britain as wartime rationing of products such as petrol meant people were unable to visit the coastal regions that were so popular before the outbreak of war.

The film opens with speeches given by the Mayor of Bradford, Cecil Arnett and other Dignitaries from a large stage in Lister Park. Families watch from where they sit on the grass, and as the dignitaries depart, the Mayoress accepts a bouquet of flowers.

In the next scene a gymkhana is taking place at Odsal Stadium, Bradford. The judges are seated in the centre of the ring and watch the riders and horses as they circle around them; a young boy has joined them and rides a pony. The riders play musical chairs and have to jump down off the horses and onto a chair when the music stops.

Back at Lister Park, amateur dramatics are underway on a stage. A large lady in an oversized wig sings as the audience watch from deckchairs set out in front of the stage.

Some shots have been taken from above looking down onto a playground where men and women have brought their children to play. In another area of the park, families are having picnics on the grass, while women push prams around and children play in the swimming pool. Other activities taking place include men playing bowls.

On the stage, a fashion show is being watched by a large crowd of people sitting in deck chairs all around the stage. Several women wear day and evening wear before some of them model wedding dresses. Two young girls model some children's wear and then the film closes with another fashion show.