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The following is an amateur film of 'Holidays at Home' week in Bradford. These popular events were held throughout the country as wartime rationing of products such as petrol meant people were unable to visit the coastal holiday destinations that were so popular before the outbreak of war.

The film opens with a parade at Horsfall Playing Fields in Bradford that includes naval cadets and guides. In the following sequence of sporting events, track and field races, the long jump and relay races are played.

A large crowd and various dignitaries including the Lord Mayor, Cecil Barnett and the Mayoress are at the playing fields. The Mayoress hands out prizes to the winners. Crowds sit in deckchairs in front of wooden stage that has a catwalk through the centre. Young girls then line up for a beauty contest wearing swimsuits and each holding a number. They parade up and down, finally lining up in front of the judges.

Other activities are shown such as children taking rides on a model railway. Families relax on the grass before the film returns to another beauty contest, this time older girls take part. They walk up and down the stage and the audience applauds. The judges confer before a man poses with the winner and kisses her cheek. It starts to rain and people take shelter before the film closes with a dog show and sheep dogs trials watched by many people sitting in the stands.