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YFA 3517



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An award winning film made by Ernest Taylor of holidays in Bournemouth, Bridlington and Scarborough.

Titles: ‘Huddersfield Cine Club.  This film was awarded second prize in the film competition 1953’  ‘Amateur Cine World.  This is to Certify that this film has been Specially Commended’  ‘Holidays in England presented by Ernest Taylor’  ‘Bournemouth’

The film begins showing a paddle ship with holidaymakers on board steaming towards Bournemouth where it docks and passengers disembark.  The beach is crowded with holidaymakers on deckchairs with the Bournemouth Pier in the background.  Next the Pier and the docking jetty (now no longer there) are seen side-by-side.  There are various shots of street scenes in Bournemouth and of gardens and parks.  A woman poses sitting on a garden wall.  Then the bay is seen from the path that leads down to the beach.  A family emerge from a holiday house carrying towels, and make their way down to the beach changing tents.  Next the beach is seen packed with people in swimming costume.  Some holidaymakers are frolicking in the sea, filmed from a rowing boat.  Another group of holidaymakers make their way down to the beach from the changing tents.  After sunning themselves on deckchairs, some of them run into the sea.  A mock rescue is enacted with a man rowing out to save a woman who has fallen off a rudimentary rowing boat.  People are then seen walking up the steep winding path through the gardens overlooking the beach.  The east cliff railway is shown, and then the view of the beach from the top.  Finally, two small ships are seen docked on the jetty.

Intertitle:  ‘Bridlington’  A group of sailors are talking next to a billboard advertising the ‘Bridlington Queen’ for a 2/- cruise.  Passengers are then seen boarding, with the crew ushering them on to a full boat.  The boat sets sail with crew and passengers looking over to the sea and cliffs, with a woman in a yellow coat especially featured.  The journey follows the coast past Bempton and Flamborough Head, including the Lighthouse.   A man plays the accordion on board as the passengers brace themselves against the wind.  The boat comes back into Bridlington, docks and the passengers get off.

Intertitle:  ‘Scarborough’  A view over Scarborough Bay shows the beach and sea crowded with holidaymakers.  Children are taken on donkey rides along the beach passed the many deckchairs.  One young girl, fallen asleep in a huddled position, is covered with a towel.  Next to her is a sand castle.  A large crowd of children sit on the beach watching a ventriloquist and his puppet, who look very much like famous Peter Brough and Archie Andrews (possibly Peter Brough’s father, Arthur, and his puppet Tim).  This is followed by a group of women posing on the beach for a photographer.  The film turns to the South Bay Pool where people are swimming, diving and sitting around the pool.  On the side a full brass band plays.  A large crowd watch a diving competition, followed by some clowns performing a comedy routine form the diving board and in the pool.  This is then followed by synchronized swimming. 

Next children are shown taking rides at ‘Corrigan’s Amusement Park’, including a helter skelter, where the camera films as it goes down the slide.  The film finishes on board a sailing ship called ‘Espaniola’.

The End