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YFA 540



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Part of the Pashley Collection, this film is a travelogue of a journey to Cornwall.

Title - Holidays 1962
A Pashley Production

The film begins with a boy water-skiing as an introduction. At the Pashley's house, the filmmaker and his wife begin to pack up the car which is parked near the end of their drive. Mr. Pashely mops his head which a handkerchief and takes a moment to rest. His wife brings over a large bucket marked "Brandy" and pours it in his mouth. She then splashes him with the rest of the water in the bucket. The couple get into the car, wave goodbye to the neighbours, and begin their journey.

Title - Downside Abbey & School

There are exterior shots of the Abbey and surrounding grounds.

The following intertitles precede scenic footage taken at the described location.

Title - Cornwall
Title - Bedruthan Steps
Title - St. Agnes Head
Title - St. Ives
Title - Vanguard
The family takes a boat ride along the coast.
Title - Land's End
Title - Mousehole