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NEFA 12602



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Part of the Hayes home movie collection, this amateur colour film compilation features holiday visits to Canada and Belgium, a garden party in Wylam, Northumberland, and leisure time for delegates at a hotel conference centre, probaby in Scotland. Footage includes post war scenes of fighter planes at an air force base.

The film opens with footage at Centre Island (also known as Toronto Island), where the Smiths and a family friend spend time on the sand beside Lake Ontario. Visitors leave the island ferry boat 'Sam McBride' that carries passengers from mainland Toronto.

In the next scenes, a small boat is being towed and there is a shot of two women passengers aboard the main boat. The boat arrives at a jetty. A man has just climbed out of the lake, and is seated beside a woman and her children enjoying the sun beside a lake.

A group of women and a man walk past a car park filled with American style cars, possibly in Winnipeg. There are family scenes in a garden, possibly at the house of Alma and George in Winnipeg. An elderly woman sits on a sun chair. She is the focus of the family group as they arrange themselves for a portrait shot.

The film then switches to locations in Belgium. There are various shots of crowded city streets, which may be in Brussels. A large crowd is pressed against a department store window. There are a series of brief street level shots of pedestrians, which provide good general shots of 1940s clothing. In a smaller city square there are multiple restaurants and cafes, including Les Hirondelles and the Leopold café. Scenes include exterior shots of the facades of grand buildings that include the Theatre Royal. People are seated at outdoor cafés.

People board a boat at a jetty at a quayside in Dinant on the Meuse river. Cyclists ride past on a cobbled quayside road. The camera pans across to the Pavillon Arden. Cars parked outside include dark grey Volkswagens. A signpost outside points to Dinant and Rochefort. At a road intersection people are casually grouped in the road. The next shots are of the streets of a town with many different hotels. There are various shots of people sitting outside at café tables. A man, woman and girl ride by on a triple tandem bicycle. Signs advertise hotels and an information centre for the caves tourist attraction.

Next, there are multiple shots of flower displays at a show. These are followed by various shots of small puppies.

The film then switches to an airfield, possibly a military base. A group of air cadets with the Air Training Corps (ATC) are crowded around an air force fighter plane, possibly a Spitfire. There are various shots of different fighter aircraft taking off, landing and being serviced on runways. These include the Hawker Hurricane.

A garden party takes place in Wylam, Northumberland. A line of women are seated in a row and taking part in a contest to hook something placed on the grass with stick and string fishing rods. People, including a vicar, are having tea at outside tables. A woman plays mini golf with a small boy in a garden. There are shots of a flowerbed. Another woman joins them. A row of women in hats is seated on a sun lounger. Women browse at stalls. The camera then focuses on a man eating a sandwich and drinking tea. A row of men in suits takes part in the same comic fishing contest as the women.

The next scenes follow a group of men and women who attend a Scottish-English C. T. (?) conference in a hotel beside a lake in the countryside. There are shots of a number of delegates greeting each other, and socialising in the gardens. At one point, some of the group stride towards the camera linking arms. They dance around in a ring beside the lake. As the ring breaks up, a couple of the men do a mock highland jig and perform joke dances. In the grounds of the hotel, a man pushes a small boy in a toy car. Guests sit on sun loungers on a veranda. There are low angle shots of a group of men in a discussion. The group then stand next to a small lake, with pleasure boats moored in the background on a quayside. The group includes a man wearing a rosette and a woman in a red suit. The camera pans along a quayside where a number of people are waiting. Groups of delegates leave a large house, the men in suits with delegate badges on their lapels. They stand and talk in a courtyard. One man takes a photograph. There is a close-up of an older man in black-rimmed glasses on a bench, laughing. In the background, a man is holding a cine camera. There are various shots of the conference delegates, leaving a tour bus, talking or posing happily together.