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YFA 201



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This is a film of Kathleen Cole and her family on holiday in Bournemouth which was filmed over several years. The film was made by Kathleen's father.

The film begins with Kathleen playing ball with another girl in the park, and then the two of them walking along with Kathleen's mother. They make their way across a field and meet Kathleen's father. The film returns to the two girls with Kathleen's mother in the countryside on a hill, and are joined by another woman (the other girl's mother?), as they walk across the hill top. They are joined by Kathleen's father as they descend down into the valley to the lake below. The two girls swing on a bridge that crosses the water.

The film then switches to a different time and location: a field where Kathleen walks with two women. Then a brief clip of a man before the film is in a street where Kathleen and another girl run with ice creams, followed by the two women also with wafer ice creams. A clip of a flower bed shows some flowers arranged to spell, 'Harold Park 1885-1949.' (This is in Low Moor Park in Bradford.) From the park the same group are seen crossing a field. The film then switches to a beach where Kathleen and her father write 'Bournemouth 1949' in the sand. The beach is packed with people sitting on deckchairs. Kathleen emerges from the sea and does cartwheels on the beach. Then she is swimming in the sea. After some more playing about on the beach the bay and coastline are seen from on top of the cliff. Kathleen then scrambles down the cliff to the beach. A steamboat is shown arriving in the harbour where there are many other boats. Again from the top of the cliff, a long line of holidaymakers snake their way down to the busy beach. Kathleen, her mother and another girl go swimming in the sea.

They queue up to board the steamboat, the 'Lorna Doone', and the sea and pier are filmed from on board the boat. The film then switches between walking through some woods, the beach, a park, a caf?, the town centre, and a swimming baths before feeding swans on the river.

Written in the sand are the letters, '2 years later'. Back at Brighton Kathleen's father is wading in the sea, whilst Kathleen plays on the beach with her mother. Kathleen goes for a swim in the sea, and then an outdoor swimming pool.