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NEFA 13581



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Black and white home movie compilation by Middlesbrough based dentist Tom Brown (Senior) of holiday trips with family and friends to Blackpool, the Lake District, Stratford-upon-Avon and Redcar.

The film opens with shots of Mabel Brown and a group of friends on holiday. Mabel and female friends are sitting on a sun lounger swing outside their holiday lodgings on a windy day. Three male friends, including Herbert Punch, and another woman are beside the lounger. One of the men takes a swig from the glass on a window ledge, and smokes a cigarette. The friends begin to clown around, swinging uproariously and laughing. One of the men uses Mabel Brown’s foot to swing the lounger.

In the next sequence the train from a miniature railway ride heads along a track. Passengers hold their hats and wave to camera. There is a high angle view as the train rides along its track through the theme park ground. Close-up of the faces of passengers. Mabel sits with a friend and sunlight plays on their faces as the train emerges from a tunnel.

Next, there is a shot of the friends on a theme park water chute ride.

General view of the Blackpool Pleasure Beach walk-through themed fun house, Noah’s Ark, as the group of friends walk away from a ride, smile and gesture at the camera.

General view of the Pleasure Beach with Ferris wheel.

The film cuts to a shot of the sky. A small barrage balloon falls to the ground. A large crowd are standing in a field watching the balloon descend.

Two young women take a photograph of another woman sitting at a decorative porthole, a feature of an elaborate tiled façade with porcelain carved Nero. [Note: Good footage of fashionable 1930s hairstyles.]

View inside the South Shore Swimming Coliseum and Open Air Baths, Blackpool, with good footage of the neo-classical architecture and huge swimming pool with slide. The pool is very crowded and men are wearing all-in-one swimsuits. Several shots depict divers using the high diving boards. A fat woman climbs out of the pool. A young woman in a crocheted swimsuit holds the hand of a toddler paddling in the sea.

There are then more shots of the Browns and their friends, again clowning around in the sun lounger swing. Mabel sits with Daisy, a Box Brownie camera next to her on the swing lounger and they have fun swinging. The young woman (Daisy) loads film into a Box Brownie camera whilst swinging.

Interior shot of people in a palm house, Daisy sitting at a table. People are sitting on rows of chairs in the palm house, Daisy drops into one of the seats, perhaps all waiting for a concert.

The scene switches to the Lake District, where sailing boats are pictured on a lake with misty hills in the background. A steamer cruise ship heads across a lake. People climb on a large boulder..

General views of streets lined with half-timbered houses follow. There is a shot of a cathedral, and then of a road, which diverts around an old arch. The camera pans across to a parked Wiggins Express Parcels Service delivery van.

General view across River Avon of the modern Royal Shakespeare Theatre at Stratford-upon-Avon. Mabel Brown poses at a statue. The large half-timbered house on Henley Street, Stratford, next seen is Shakespeare’s birthplace. A general view of a street in Stratford shows the many half-timbered buildings.

The scene then cuts to a view of the Elizabethan thatched Anne Hathaway’s Cottage in Shottery. Mabel wanders in the cottage gardens. Another formal garden with an elaborate fountain and sculpture is shown. The sequence closes with a shot of a church.

General views of a seaside location, with a promenade located directly below cliffs. Mabel Brown, Agnes and Herbert Punch stroll through some of the scenes.

A boy feeds pigeons in a square.

General view of a large cathedral and a close-up of the exterior carvings on the building.

Three people walk along a gorge with a steep waterfall in the background.

The next scenes are of Mabel Brown and her granddaughter Helen as a toddler, playing on Redcar beach. Redcar pier legs can be seen in the background. Helen destroys a sandcastle with her toy spade. People are drying themselves in the background.

Group portrait shot of Mabel, Tom H. Brown and his wife, Kate, with their young daughter Helen on the doorstep of a brick semi-detached house. They wave. Tom is dressed in a checked knickerbocker suit.

A man with a whip walks along a country road with a pack of hounds.

Brief shot of Tom H. Brown swimming in a pool.

The film closes with family gathering at the doorstep of a house, which include Mabel Brown,a woman with a baby and Helen Brown looking at the baby.