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YFA 5542



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This is a film of a family tour of the east coast of Yorkshire, including Scarborough and Bridlington, as well as a visit to Blackpool and Southport.

Title – Our East Coast Holiday

A woman pushes a pram with a small child in it, accompanied by two small girls, along the seafront at Scarborough.  The family then sit on the beach, with the girls playing in the sand.  One boy has built a sand castle with an underground chamber which he climbs into. As mother nods off, the small girls continue to play in the sand with their buckets and spades.  With the lighthouse in the distance, the two small girls go to paddle in the sea and collect sea water in their buckets.  A man throws a piece of wood into the sea for his dog to fetch.  The girls then have a ride on donkeys, who are lined up, including those named “Cilla” and “Cassius”, who together turn to face the camera.  Children are then seen on the trampolines of “Jumping Jimminies”, and on the rides of the small fair. 

With the Coronia docked in the harbour a group of visitors are seen to go out for a ride in a small boat.  A horse and trap passes.  Then they go on rides at the fairground, including the dodgems and Jimmy Corrigan’s Helter Skelter.  They then go for a ride on the coastal miniature railway and the children go on an even smaller miniature railway.  Then mum and one of her daughter’s go on the boating lake in Bridlington, and there is a view across the harbour.  Passengers disembarking from a small leisure ride boat have to clamber over another boat, while some men tow a line of rowing boats.  Nearby a man is fishing.  They go for a ride on a leisure boat and on their return we see boats in the harbour as the sun goes down. 

Intertitle – Our Blackpool Holiday

Various trams are seen on the seafront.  Then the family are on the beach, swimming in the sea and one of the girls has a donkey ride.  Dad helps the girls build a sandcastle.  They then go for a walk along the seafront.  They next return to their holiday home with a puppy, and the children go on the rides in the local park, while the adults have a game of bowls.  Next they visit Hewitt’s International Rodeo in Blackpool, where there is a display of acrobatic riding, and a spotty horse does some tricks, followed by a Wild West wagon chase. 

Intertitle – Our Southport Holiday

Mother and children walk along the pier and seafront looking at some sailing boats.  A train passes along the pier.  They have some refreshments at a café, and then a car trip through a long tunnel before arriving in Liverpool, watching the ferry crossing the Mersey, with the Liver building in the distance.  A bridge lifts up to allow a tugboat to pass and is then lowered to allow traffic to pass.  Ships are seen unloading in the docks and the film comes to an end.