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YFA 6269



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The film captures snapshots of the filmmaker’s holidays in 1938. For the most part, the film was made in Somerset, but it also features shots filmed in Cardiff.

TITLE: A Holiday in Somerset July 1938

TITLE: Western Super Mare

The film opens with a shot from a hotel window. There is a man mowing the lawn below.  

People walk along a path close to the beach and numerous cars pass in the streets.

Then there are shots of people in a park away from the beach. Couples and families walk through the park and a group of people are playing golf.

The camera captures cars, busses and people passing in the street and then focuses on sitting on deckchairs and children playing on the beach.

A shot is then taken again from the hotel window. The pier is visible in the distance and the man is still mowing the lawn below the camera.

Children go down a waterslide into a pool and others dive in and swim lengths.

Then there is a shot of the promenade. There are very few people around.

People help push a boat on rails from the sea up to a garage on land.

Groups of people walk around a park. There is also a large audience watching a brass band perform on a bandstand in the park. A small child pretends to a conductor by the adult conductor’s back.

Then there are shots of dozens of people sitting on the beach. Some people are having donkey rides on the beach, others try to catch crabs in the shallows, or get into boats near the shore.

Families play crazy golf in a small enclosed area. A number of people are watching the proceedings take place from behind the short fence.

TITLE: Kewstoke

There are shots of a grassy area near houses.

TITLE: Uphill

Cars and people are on a steep road.

TITLE: Clifton Zoo

There are shots of a number of exotic animals. The camera is particularly interested in the lions and monkeys.

TITLE: A visit to Cardiff

The first part of this scene takes place on a boat. There are shots of people sat on the boat and views of land from the boat.

There are then shots in the busy city centre. Cars, busses and bikes all speed past the camera.

Following this, the scene comes to an end with shots in a quiet park and more shots from a boat.

TITLE: King & Queen Visit Hull

A crowd watches a royal visit to Hull of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. People crowd around in the street and try to catch a glimpse of the couple when the motorcade arrives. The King and Queen can eventually be seen from a distance. The film ends with a still image of the King.

TITLE: The End