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YFA 6271



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The film depicts several highlights of the filmmaker’s holidays in 1934. The majority of the film was made in Torquay, but it also features shots recorded in a number of areas near the south coast in Britain.

TITLE: Holiday Shots in Devon July 1934

The film begins with a series of shots recorded on a beach. There are shots of people sitting on steps next to the beach, couples in small boats near the shoreline, men standing in the waves, and children playing in the sand.

There are a few shots of different forms of service personnel marching in the street near the sea.

People have tours on battleships and there are also shots from the shoreline of the ships.  There are then a number of shots of smaller boats near the imposing battleships.

Freshly-caught fish are packed into boxes near the beach. Seagulls are circling the area hoping to get some of the fish.

Men are then shown doing some kind of aerobics on the beach.  There are then a number of shots of people walking along a path near the sea.  The final shots of this scene show the area at night. The majority of the frame is black apart from the bright lights that surround many of the buildings.

TITLE: Paignton Zoo

At Paignton Zoo there are shots of numerous exotic mammals and birds. 

TITLE: Brixham

There are shots of naval boats in the sea.

TITLE: Dartsmeet

People sit on rocks near a river.

TITLE: Tanstock

There are more shots of a river. Swimmers are sitting on rocks next to the water.

The camera captures the town square and war memorial.

TITLE: Widdicombe

A man laughs for the camera as he poses with his feet through some stocks. This is followed by shots of cars on a road.

TITLE: Cockington Fordge

The town’s old-fashioned buildings. One house in particular has a large thatched roof.

TITLE: Salcombe

The scene opens with a wide-angle shot of the countryside.  People sit and observe the sea.  Following this, there are shots of a group of people who have stopped their car by the roadside and made a campsite.  There appears to have been a car crash. Numerous people stand around cars and observe them closely.

TITLE: Kingsbridge

There are shots of a river and birds swimming in it.

TITLE: Totnes

People and cars move in a busy town centre and there are shots in a park.

TITLE: Homeward Journey – Taunton

The film continues with more shots in a busy town centre. Cars and people move through the streets and bicycles go around a roundabout.

TITLE: Glastonbury

The town centre.

TITLE: Wells

A policeman is directing traffic. Following this, there are shots of a castle and cathedral exterior.

TITLE: Nailsworth

The town centre is quiet here. There are hardly any cars or people.

TITLE: Broadway

People ride bikes through the streets.

TITLE: Stratford-on-Avon

There is a shot of a well-kept Elizabethan house. This is followed by a shot of a hotel exterior.

TITLE: Kenilworth

A man drives a horse and cart near rows of old houses. There are then shots of a castle and a shop with men stood outside.

TITLE: The End