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YFA 6270



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This film focuses on the filmmaker’s holidays in 1933. The majority of the film was made in Morecambe, but it probably also has shots recorded in Blackpool.


There are shots of people and cars in the town.  People push each other and joke around.  Some people are seated in deckchairs on the beach.  Men in kilts play the bagpipes and march through the town.  A band plays music for people on a beach.  Shots of people seated on a beach and children running around.  Children watch a puppet show, and women stand and play in the sea.  People walk in a park, and next children lean over a pier.

Shots are taken from a moving boat.

Boys (Scouts?) walk in the street towards the camera, and people wait in a line to board a tourist boat.  There are shots from a boat while it is moving.  More people then get in the boat and then exit too.

A stream is shown. This is followed by shots of waterfalls. People sit on rocks next to the water.

Children play in a park.

Women parade for the camera on a pier.

People enjoy an outdoor pool. They swim and go down slides into the water.

Men play the bagpipes for an audience.  The tide comes in and waves hit the side of the pier.  People walk around a fairground and enjoy the amusements.

There is an extremely high-angle shot from what appears to be a tower (Blackpool tower?). Countless terraced houses can be seen below.

Men and women pose in turn for the camera. They seem to know each other and are probably friends or family. There is then a shot of them as a group.

A car is taken out of a garage and is serviced.

People play together on the beach and in the sea.