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NEFA 20405



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Filmed over a number of years a series of home movies produced by Walter Gowland of his family featuring the train spotting near Hartlepool and visits to Ward Jackson Park and Seaton Carew.

Title: Just plain loco spotting

The film opens with Peter and Keith Gowland looking through a photo album. Noreen Gowland combs her wet hair is followed by a wall clock reading 10.27. The two boys play fight together. A hand turns the pages of the album, which contains photographs of steam trains.

The film changes to show railway building and signals. Noreen, Peter and Keith walk along a path beside a railway line. A steam engine reverses over a set of points and a green electric passenger train passes by. A second steam train passes pulling passenger carriages. The two boys on a footbridge look through an unknown book. A steam goods train reverses through a goods yard as another steam passenger train goes by. The three of them stand on the steps of a footbridge.

The film cuts to show Noreen standing on the shoreline of a beach. She walks along the seafront with Peter followed by Keith runing past. He stops and looks around and points before writing a note in his book. General view of a steam train shunting wagons. Keith looks over a concrete slab wall as Noreen and Peter walk on. A steam train passes as Keith climbs onto the track side wall. A diesel passenger train, possibly a Deltic model, passing by.

General view of a road junction with traffic, and more views of trains passing.

The film changes to show the family walking through the countryside and climbing over a gate. As they walk along the path Keith waddles a piece of wood with a pen knife.

Title: Ward Jackson Park.

The sequence begins with views of decorative flower beds, the lake, people spending time in the park, and a statue to commemorate the Boer War. Peter and Keith play with toy boats on the pond. There are more views of ducks and flower beds.

Title: A Walnor Production.
Title: Presents.
Title: Holiday Time.

Keith plays with a wind-up toy aeroplane in a field. Noreen walks with both Keith and Peter towards the entrance of Hartlepool Railway Station. They look at a station timetable. A large clock hangs over the platform and a sign reads “Hartlepool”. Passengers get on and off a train. Another train approaches the platform.

The film changes to the seafront at Seaton Carew. Peter and Keith come down a footbridge and walk along the seafront. A group of people stand outside the Longscar Centre. Crowds walk past the “Notarianni Bros.” ice cream stall which is part of the bus station. A red double decker bus pulls into the bus station. A woman takes a drink from a bottle. People play crazy golf. Keith and Peter walk up a set of stone steps and a group of people stand in queue at the bus station.

Two tug boats manoeuvre a cargo ship into the harbour at Hartlepool. St Hilda’s Church on the Headland can be seen in the background.

A woman and boy play on a large grassy area in front of some houses. Noreen Gowland and the two boys play on swings, slides and roundabouts in Ward Jackson Park. The Gowland family walk through the park. The film end showing swans on the park lake.