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NEFA 21873



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An early home movie showing a family on holiday in Europe, taking in Switzerland and Paris. The film shows relatively carefree citizens and holiday makers enjoying the landscape and culture of the region at a time when turmoil was not too far into the future.

The film opens with a man and woman walking along a promenade next to a lake(?) with mountains in the background (Lake Lucerne?). A woman looks through a fixed telescope available for public use at the scenery.

A travelling view taken from a boat shows large imposing buildings on the lakeside.

The film cuts to a beach where people sunbathe or shelter from the sun under parasols. An outdoor shower allows someĀ sunbathers to cool down.

Next, a playground area where children can expend some of their energy on rope swings and slides. While others, young adults play beach volleyball.

A man supplies the energy source in a human cable drum as he travels across a field. General views follow of adults and children at play. Out on the lake divers try their luck at leaping off a three tier diving platform. Some reversed film demonstrates a novel way of getting back on the platform.

The film then shows general views of a market and a man feeding pigeons [out of focus].

In a park area near some buildings people are out for a leisurely walk pass a spectacular fountain.

A brief view of a street where a car and tram travel past before cutting to a general view of people walking along a street. Another general view shows crowds of people crossing a gang plank to get onto a boat.

A change of scenery as the film moves to snow covered mountains. A general view of the scenery includes a view of the Matterhorn.

A man and woman walk through snow carrying backpacks. General views of a bird (possibly a falcon) flying over snow covered rocks.

A group of people take a break from their exertions as they sit on a wall with a magnificent mountain view as a backdrop.

The film cuts to a single carriage electric train making its way up the mountain to deposit it's passengers at the train halt.

A different view follows as the film shows a woman washing clothes in a public fountain. A man saws logs using a circular saw.

The film turns to the grandeur of Paris. A general view shows gendarmes at attention in a Paris street. A general view shows a similar scene with military troops being inspected by officials.

General views show traffic heading to and from the Arc de Triomphe with more views of traffic on other streets. The film cuts to mounted troops on horseback crossing a street in the distance.

A view from a moving railway train shows the buildings and surroundings as it leaves the station.

The film ends with a general view of the city taken from a boat on a river.