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YFA 2711



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Made by an amateur filmmaker from Sheffield, this film includes family scenes in the garden that captures his daughters playing on the grass. There is also footage of two weddings and a holiday in Southport.

The film opens with a long shot of two women walking then cuts to show two girls in the garden playing with dolls. Family members pose for the camera while out in the garden on a sunny day. There is more footage of the family out and about. There is a little boy who plays in the garden as well, and a woman walks towards the camera. She is dressed in a military uniform. Following this are shots of the surrounding neighbourhood.

Title - Our Wedding April 27 1940

The wedding party arrives at the church, exit the car, and make their way towards the entrance. They are followed by the bride who arrives at the church with her father. After the ceremony, the newlyweds exit the church, and the guests shower them with confetti. They make their way to the car and drive off for the reception.

The next portion of the film takes place again at the family home. Members of the family are out in the garden, and some pose for the camera by the front of the house.

Title - Holidays at Southport 1940

People walk along the seaside street which is lined with shops. There is also footage of the holidaymakers playing miniature golf and then sailing in a rowboat. Next, the children play in a garden along with their father. He jokingly rides a small tricycle around. There is more footage of people on a rowboat followed by scenes at the seaside. Some people relax on benches while others go on some of the fairground rides. There is more footage of the family during their leisure time, relaxing in the gardens and on the beach. There is also additional footage of some of the rides at the seaside including a rollercoaster.

Title - A W.D.B. Film
The Old Old Story
25 October 1941
At St. Oswalds Church Sheffield
Here Comes The Bride

There is a brief scene of the bride arriving at St. Oswald's Church. She exits the car and makes her way into the church. She is followed by other guests, and there the film abruptly comes to an end.