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NEFA 19848



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Home movie footage of Porteous family holidays in Sark, Beadnell, Bamburgh, the Farne Islands, and Skye between 1947 and 1949, produced by Dr H. Brenton Porteous.

The film begins with a sequence on a steam ship sailing into harbour, a close shot of passengers on deck intercut with the ship funnel, seagulls, and views of the coastline, probably along the island of Sark, in the Channel Islands.

Various brief shots follow of a family walking in a rocky landscape, people seated at tables outside a pub or hotel, a woman pictured in a field with young grazing calves, sea and off coast islands in the background.

Back on the steam ship cruiser, a close shot of ship's officers and passengers on deck, general views of the coastline, other ships sail past, some of their crew waving.

Passengers get off a ferry boat. People walk along a short pier. Various women exit from the door of a hall or hotel, possibly Beadnell Hall. A young child is laying on the ground outside the doorway. A woman leaving the building looks down and avoids stepping on the child.

There is a general view of the landscape, Bamburgh castle seen in the distance. Waves lap onto a beach. There are various shots of Bamburgh Castle.

Off the Farne Islands, three motor drifters (fishing boats) sail past with crew on board.

A man digs up an anchor sunk in the mud of Beadnell harbour, the tide out. A large house with tower stands near the harbour, a solitary sailing boat moored in the harbour sand. A teenage boy and older man with a cigarette in his mouth prepare their kit for a sailing trip.

Next, there is a scenic view of mountains and a coastline, off the island of Skye.

The film cuts to a ship viewed in a harbour. The landscape is seen through the ship's deck furniture.

The ship Loch Seaforth is docked in a harbour.

[overexposed film]
The film closes with travelling shots of mountains and coastline for a ship. A man looks out at the landscape from the deck.