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YFA 1247



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This film documents a trip taken to the seaside resort of Skegness in 1933. The filmmaker also captures some local landmarks such as Bolton Stump and Cowland Abbey.

Title - A holiday in Skegness. 1933.

The opening shot of this film shows cars travelling down a street in Skegness. A man then swigs from a bottle and laughs genially. Following this, there is a sweeping panning shot across Skegness's shore front, where there are stalls selling films, tourist walking along the promenade, and a pier, where a sign reads 'speed boats running from pier daily'.

Title - Seaside shots.

A group of holiday makers in typical summer wear relax on the beach. A dog, with the exception of its head, is completely buried in sand, and one of the tourist put sunglasses on him. The final shot of this sequence show members of the group taking a dip in the sea, and most wear one piece swimming costumes.

Title - Cowland Abbey.

The filmmaker captures Cowland Abbey's exterior, before cutting to show an old stone bridge.

Title - Boston Stump.

Boston stump (the tallest parish church in England) is shown in some detail, before the filmmaker captures an expansive view of the town of Boston taken from the top of the parish. Now by a bathing pool, various people dive into the water, some more acrobatically then others.

Several shots show people enjoying the trip; a man walks through a field, a woman plays golf, and then kids play on a climbing frame in the water. The film then returns to the beach, where a family play with their dog, and after this, there is a short scene that shows a tennis match.

In Skegness, a large crowd are held back by what appears to be naval officers, who are gathered around a man wearing a chef's outfit. The chef is then led through the crowd by his entourage to a building. Superseding this, there is a sequence that shows activities along the shorefront; people walk up and down the promenade, a woman bangs an African drum leant to her by a man of African descent, and finally more shots of people stopping to chat.

Next, children play in a concrete bunker, and one girl pops her head out of a machine gun window. Cars then drive through large puddles as they pass down flooded country lanes. In the final shots of this film, a dog plays by the sea and runs away as the tide sweeps back in.