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YFA 509



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This is a film of a family holidaying in Wales and France in a caravan.

The film begins showing the plaque for St Trillo Chapel (see film 508).  The family are on the beach and in the sea.  They all join in making sand castles and playing around on the beach.  Then they are shown somewhere else crossing a small stream.  There is film from a train as it crosses a large steel bridge, before arriving at a railway station where a soldier is waiting to board.  The film switches to a ship, and they make a trip passed some docks before disembarking in France.  They film as they go up the Eiffel Tower, and then walk around Paris, visiting Notre Dame.  They are next seen driving off in a car (Reg. KWU 157) pulling a caravan.  A child feeds some swans, and then people are out on boats in their swimming costumes in a large lake surrounded by mountains.

(Col.)  They take a trip going into the mountains, looking down onto the lake below.  They journey on a mountain railway, going past a large white building before reaching the top.

(B&W).  They film the descent back down.  Then the car and caravan are shown on a mountain road stopping by the side of the road.

(Col.)  They visit some caves, and there is a waterfall.  Then they visit a zoo and look at a grizzly bear.