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YFA 494



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This film is a compilation of family footage and local scenes taken in Scarborough and Knaresborough. 

This section of film is in black and white. The films opens with shots of a woman entering a building with a small dog and coming out again wearing a different outfit.  A sign on the wall of the building beside her reads `H. O' Connor Dentist'.  The following shots are of the same woman wearing a fur shawl and bringing her dog for a walk at the canal side in Marsden.  The dog sits on its hind legs to get the treats that the woman has and she talks to the camera.  The woman plays with the dog beside a big, black car; she dangles a lead over the dog and it tries to get it. 

Following this shot are two women holding a young baby and smiling at the camera. A man also plays with the dog.  The next section is in colour.  Some people walk along a pier and sit down on some benches; the man takes out a paper bag of sweets and offers them to the women. 

The following shot is of the busy promenade and a sign on a building which reads` Holy Well Spa'. There is a large lion monument visible in the background, and in the next shot, the man and women are walking around garden, possibly Peasholm Park. A man sits on the steps of his caravan, which is parked on a seaside site. He greets his wife and shakes hands with another couple who come to join them. They visit a small church, possibly in a village outside Scarborough. 

The film moves to Knaresborough, and there is the riverside cafè and boating on the river Nidd. A goods train passes over Knaresborough viaduct. There are scenes of the Castle grounds where a lady sits with a parasol and shots of Ripley village before returning to Knaresborough High Bridge and the Dropping Well Entrance. A policeman stands outside the Orange Cafè directing the traffic. 

The film returns to the coast with shots of Whitby, Robin Hoods Bay, Scarborough, and views across South Bay to the Grand Hotel. The family walk along a path with rolled up towels under their arms. 

The next few scenes are at Scarborough Lido. The next section is in black and white. There are shots of a dog on a doorstep and then playing ball with a man in a garden. Two women come out of the house and dangle and old shoe on a string for him to play with. The next section is in colour. A woman stands in a door way with a baby in her arms and a young girl beside her; this shot cuts to a shot of a big, grey car outside the house. Some people come out of the house and look at the car and the next shot cuts to them in a park. 

There are row boats in a small lake, amusement swings, donkey rides and a Punch and Judy show on the beach. The very last shot is of a young boy looking out of a cave.