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YFA 1749



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This is a film made by Derrick Walton of a family holiday in Scarborough.  The film shows a variety of holiday activities including: the lido, playing on the beach, donkey rides, a fairground, mock warship battles in Peasholm Park, a parade for Dutch Week, the lighthouse at Flamborough and the Pirate Ship on the Mere.

The film begins showing the hotel the family are staying in, Manor Heath, and Mrs Walton and her small boy, Adrian, walking along the street pushing a small pram.  Following this are some brief views of the boating lake, Scarborough castle, and ending up at the lido with holidaymakers swimming and diving.  There is a brief glimpse of the beach and then Derrick Walton and Adrian are playing with a model boat on a pond, before he is with his mother at the boating lake. Next Walton and his son are on a fairground ride.  The holiday group gather for a photo shot in front of their holiday accommodation.

Next mock the battles Peasholm Park are shown.  After filming some crashing waves at Marine Drive there is a country dancing event with the dancers dressed in historic costume.  Then the small boy takes a donkey ride along the beach, accompanied by a man (father?), before he goes on a kiddies fairground ride and then chews on a piece of rock.  There is a long stall selling fresh fish.  The Hostpitaal-Kerkship is docked in the harbour.  Outside a pub some people look at an army mascot goat.  Adrian sucks on a toy pipe.  The goat leads a marching band and comic figures, watched by spectators on the side.   They are followed by a long carnival with many floats, including a Dutch clog maker, holding up a clog.  Back at the harbour Adrian takes a look at some of the parked motorcycles, before his dad pulls him back by his harness.  There is a brief shot of them on a speedboat, before being back at the fairground.

The film switches to Flamborough Head, with the lighthouse, and looking down onto the cliffs.  Back at Scarborough the loco reverses onto the miniature train before they go for a ride.  They then go for a ride on a boat attached to a revolving roundabout.  Then they are back on the beach where the boy plays with a small model boat, which gets swept out to sea and lost, despite dad’s attempts to find it.  Instead Adrian plays with a bucket and spade.  Three identically dressed women pose in front of the Manor Heath Hotel.

They then go for a ride on the Galleon, and pose with the pirates.  One of the women goes around pinning carnations on people, and the boy sports a badge for ‘Scarborough Pirates Club’.  Back again on the beach they have ice creams and another donkey ride, before Adrian helps make and destroy a sandcastle.  Two boys are then back playing with a model boat in pools of water.  They then go on the boating lake, and we see the model battleships in dock.  There is a sunset and the film comes to an end.