Film ID:
YFA 2360



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This film was made by a Wakefield-based businessman and contains footage of a holiday taken by the Wilkinson family to the Devon seaside resort. There are shots of the coastline and beaches as well as some of the amenities available to visitors.

The film opens with lots of shots of the sea crashing onto rocks and some men standing along the edge fishing. There are shots of a harbour, taken from the jetty and looking down at the moored boats, as well as the many small sailing boats that are heading out into the open water.

There is a small beach which is covered with people and then the scene cuts to a shot of the `Sunhill Hotel'. There is a shot of the sea, taken from the promenade and then a cut to an enclosed lake and a park full of flowers. There is a series of shots of the coastline, the small beach and people on the enclosed lake sailing in miniature boats.

Following this are shots of the sea and the coast line taken from a boat. There are also shots from the sea looking at the hotels and buildings along the coast. There are final shots of people swimming and sailing in the sea and some illuminations at night.