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YFA 4556



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Made by George Wood, this is a film of a holiday with friends in Norway in the 1930s which includes footage of traditional Norwegian folk dancing.

The film begins showing the feet of passengers boarding a ship, followed by their luggage. On board passengers are playing a game of badminton on the deck. The Captain is standing with some women on the deck, and the ship makes a journey along a mountainous coast dotted with villages. Some passengers go ashore on a boat. A group of people pose in a car. The film shows mountainous scenery on the ground, and also whilst flying overland in a plane. The group pick up clumps of snow in the mountains, and there is a fast flowing mountain stream which goes into a waterfall. They have a beer in a restaurant served by waitresses in traditional dress, who pose for the camera. There is a performance by children dressed in traditional costume of country dancing. Back on board the ship, waiting off-shore, a man and a woman pose with the Captain.