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A compilation of home movies, filmed principally around the village of Tideswell in Derbyshire, and made as an amateur newsreel service. The compilation includes footage of a 1937 family holiday to Northumberland, visiting Blyth, Bamburgh, and Seaton Sluice, a wedding during the Second World War, and footage of a swimming gala at Tynemouth Outdoor Pool in 1939.

Title: Frandean Film Productions Presents

Title: A Holiday in the North

Credit: Produced… E.D. Wilson.

Credit: Edited… F. Wilson.

Credit: Titles… K. Evans.

Title: Heading for Bamburgh.

A young man gets into a car and drives away.

Title: Halt at Crossing for Flying Scotsman and Coronation Scot.

Two trains speed by. One is a distinctive A4 Pacific

Title: Bamburgh Castle and Farne Islands.

General views of the landscape around Bamburgh, looking out to sea, and across the sand dunes, with a view over the castle walls.

Title Two Hours Later ‘Blyth’

Title: Sunbeam II

A panoramic view of the boats, yachts, and steamers moored in Blyth harbour, including the Sunbeam II, a luxury private yacht built for Lord Runciman.

Title: Harbour entrance

A young man looks over the iron railings at Blyth harbour.

Title: On To Seaton Sluice

Panoramic view over the coastline.

Three Native Bottle Blowers
Ages total
250 years.

Portrait shot of three old men wearing boater hats sitting on a wooden bench next to a wall.

A brief view of people swimming in a sandy coastal pool follows, then of swimmers out at sea. A small motor boat speeds past just offshore.

General view of an outdoor swimming pool or lido (probably Tynemouth Outdoor Pool)

Title: Returning to Blyth

Title: On view at Middleton Street.

An elderly woman sews in a garden: she is joined by an elderly man, and the two pose for a portrait.

Title: A Friend Comes to Help.

A little girl joins the couple.

Elsewhere, the elderly gentleman sits on an armchair in the garden shelling peas.

Title: Great life shelling peas.

The elderly woman joins in the shelling of peas. A young man helps himself to a few handfuls to eat.

Title: Where’s Oliver?

A boy wears a bowler hat and performs a short imitation of Stan Laurel.

Title: Oh! Oliver is homeward bound, so are we.

The boy, who did the impression of Stan Laurel, gets into a car and drives away. His companion waves back to camera out of the sunroof.

Title (animated similarly to the RCA logo): The End

[The following Frandean Gazette films were made principally in and about Tideswell, near Buxton in Derbyshire.]

Title (an animated spinning globe in the background): A Frandean Production
Title: Candid Camera Shots!

An elderly man stands holding a baby outside a bungalow. He walks towards the camera. Next, a woman is holding the baby. She plays with the baby on a lawn. A man tries to tempt the baby to play with a toy dog.

Trick camera shots follow. The film cuts to a man wearing a fez [a small conical shaped hat] and smoking a cigar, which suddenly disappears from his hand. He reaches into thin air and he gets it back. He then jumps upwards and disappears.

The same man reappears in a different costume as an old man with a beard, drinking a glass of water.

A group of men pose for the camera. General views follow of the family dog. A man mows the lawn and a woman waters the garden. A man leaves a bungalow smoking a cigarette. A woman stands at her doorway looking out.

Two women shake a rug to get the dust out and the film finishes with a man walking along a street towards the camera.

Title: The End

Title: The Frandean Gazette

Title: Produced by Frank Wilson

Title: 1938 Edition

Title: Candid Camera Shots Taken at the Fountain Square Chapel Exhibition.

Portrait shots follow of two women, two young girls, then two small boys with their mother, outside a village shop in Tideswell. More portrait shots follow of  a man smoking a cigarette, another two girls, then another two, a little boy and girl, then a mixture of people on the street.

Title: Monsal Dale

View of railway viaduct and river valley in the Peak District of Derbyshire.

Title: The Waterfall

A woman walks across a bridge over a river, with a view of a waterfall. The woman on the opposite bank above the waterfall waves to camera. General views follow of the waterfall.

Title: A Parade Through Tideswell

The camera records a parade through village streets by members of St John Ambulance[?], war veterans and other groups

Title: Visit of Miss Lloyd George

This may be connected with a general election as a woman gives a speech to a crowd with the aid of loudspeakers mounted on the roof of a car.

Title: The Scholars’ Procession Through Tideswell 1938

Schoolchildren parade through the streets, and pass the following locations

Title: Coming Up Queen Street

Title: Passing the ‘Bank’ Corner

Title: Singing in the ‘George’ Square

The schoolchildren sing. A brass band leads the children through the street.

Title: Crowning of the Tideswell Carnival Queen

A young woman, surrounded by other competitors, is crowned carnival queen

Title: Remembrance Service at Tideswell 1938

Title: Paying Their Tribute

A woman and man lay a wreath at a war memorial. A vicar gives a speech and a brass band plays at the memorial service.

Title: When Soldiers Meet And Remember

Title: Peace at the Cenotaph - The Tranquil Scene of Hallowed Memory and Pledge Renewed

A close up follows of the cenotaph.

Title: The End – A Frandean Production

Title: The Frandean Gazette

Title: 1939 edition produced by F. Wilson

Title: Gliding at Hucklow – Easter Monday

A glider takes to the skies, with general views of the glider.

Title: Opening of new Sunday School

Local dignitaries attend a sunday school dedication. They leave the church, and general views of parents and children follow.

Title: St John Ambulance Parade – Sunday May 28th

St John ambulancemen and general crowds parade in the streets. A brass band provides music.

Title: Parade of Ex-Servicemen at Tideswell

Ex-servicemen wearing medals and carrying flags parade in the streets of Tideswell. WRVS [Women's Royal Voluntary Service] members also march in the parade.

Title: Carnival at Tideswell

The streets of Tideswell are full of people in fancy dress and floats covering a number of themes.

Title: Summer Holiday News-Reel

This sequence is a phantom passenger view from a car going along country roads.

Title: Swimming Gala at Tynemouth

General views show swimmers in a pool, taking part in a competition, demonstrations of acrobatic or synchronised swimming and a diving competition, people on the beach nearby

Title: Tideswell Gala August 12th

Views follow of men, women and children parading through Tideswell, including a huge variety of floats and fancy dress. One man is dressed as a cockney 'pearly king'.

Title: Judging the Fancy Dress

Children are judged on their imaginative fancy dress.

Title: First Prize Baby

A woman poses for the camera holding a baby.

Title: The End – A Frandean Production

Title: The Frandean Gazette 1940 Edition – Produced by Frank Wilson

Title: Wedding of Miss C.G. Hunt, M.P.S and Mr E.D. Wilson

In this film, the groom, Edward Dean Wilson, is in uniform as he and the bride leave the church after their wedding ceremony and get into a car. The couple are driven away. In a front garden, the newly weds pose for the camera. Another couple also pose for the camera, the man also in uniform. Family groups gather together for the remaining photographs. The wedding took place during World War Two.

Title: The End

Title This film has been Passed by the British Board of Film Censors.

Title: The Frandean Gazette 1941 Edition – Produced by F. Wilson

Title: A Field Ambulance on Parade

Title: This film was taken by kind permission of the Commanding Officer

During the Second World War, soldiers walking along a street salute each other. The film cuts to troops on parade. Soldiers and civilians leave church and other troops parade down the street.

Title: The H.Q. Boys

Out in the countryside, soldiers relax on a grassy bank. The film cuts to a coastal view with soldiers approaching the camera up a steep bank. This may have been filmed near Tynemouth.

Title: Wedding at Tideswell – Miss E. Walker and Mr. J. Whyche

A bride and groom leave a church. Confetti is thrown at the happy couple.

Title: A FD Production - The End

Title: Interval

Title: For music by Louis Levy and his Gaumont British Symphony