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YFA 631



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This is a film from the Michael Hobson collection which features a family trip to London, a trip along the Thames, and to Chessington Zoo.

Title – A holiday in London 1939
Intertitle – We visit Regent’s Park Zoo.

At the zoo, there are penguins, people looking at bears, monkeys, and other animals.

Intertitle – Hampton Court

A boy in a school uniform and a woman walk around the pond and gardens.

Intertitle – A cooler

They sit on a bench drinking bottled pop through straws.  They are joined by a man.

Intertitle – On the river to Kingston

They take a trip along the Thames, passing other boats and filming the journey.

Intertitle – Teddington Lock

They pass through the lock and continue.

Intertitle – Richmond

They show the scene at Richmond, with larger boats moored.

Intertitle – Next Day.  Seeing a bit if London.  Buckingham Palace.

Buckingham Palace and the Victoria Memorial are filmed from Birdcage Walk.

Intertitle – Admiralty Arch

This too is filmed.

Intertitle – “Rill mill” for the pigeons

The boy and two women feed the pigeons in Trafalgar Square.

Intertitle – Big Ben

The Houses of Parliament and Westminster Bridge are filmed from the other side of the Thames.

Intertitle – A Day at Chessington.  The Zoo.

At the zoo, there are bears, a leopard, flamingos, monkeys, and lions.  Visitors feed ostriches and kangaroos, and later on, there are performances of circus acts involving horses.  The boy goes on a large slide, while the women go on some swings, including two person ‘boat’ swings. They also go on the small railway and the boating lake.