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YFA 5582



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A family holiday exploring sites and attractions along the Cornish coast.

The film begins with observing trout in waters at Wansford near Driffield.  The fish are seen emerging and disappearing in the water.

The film moves on to Cornwall and Land’s End on Sun 12th June, 1977. A girl is being supported by a woman in a blue shirt as she rocks back and forth on a squirrel rocking horse.  At Sennan Cove on the same day, there is a view out to sea, a rocky outcrop, and in the far distance a lighthouse on a rock.

There is a view of a stone white-washed house with painted sign saying ‘First and Last House – Lands’ End. The sky is blue as the woman in blue poses with the children.   An older man replaces the woman in the same pose.

There are shots looking out to sea taking in the sandy beach and a flag can be seen flying from a mast outside the ‘First and Last House’.  Next there are views of rocks and a boy posing for the camera by the sea wall.

Moving on there is a visit to ‘The Witch’s House’ tourist attraction with cars parked outside and St Agnes Model Village.  There are miniature houses, a watermill, a suspension bridge and a lighthouse. Next there is a larger than life display of characters from ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ including Alice, The Cheshire Cat, The March Hare and the Mad Hatter with a large teapot.  Other fairy tales are depicted in other areas including Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and Jill, Gulliver’s Travels and the Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe.  There is also an enchanted forest with toadstools, a windmill, farm animals, an Indian village with a wigwam, a gypsy caravan, a crooked house and Father Christmas.

There is a view of a lido and a lighthouse changing to a view of the harbour and sailing boats at Looe. There is a view from the deck of a passenger ferry taking in views of industrial shipping at Plymouth docks. The numbers on the ships are: F58, F126, F32, F106, F57. A St. George’s flag with Union Jack flag in one corner is blowing in the breeze.