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YFA 184



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This is a film of Kathleen Cole and her family on holiday in Lancashire on at least two occasions in 1950 when Kathleen was 11 years old. The film was made by her father.

The film begins with a brief view from the passenger seat of a car driving along a road before switching to a man sitting on some grass with a newborn baby, Kathleen's sister (?), in a cot. Then the baby is in the back of a car with a woman. Next a road sign shows 'A683 Lancaster', before Lancaster is seen from across a river with vehicles going over a bridge. Two children are playing in the garden of a semi-detached house, one on a tricycle, whilst a man lies flat out on the grass. Two women exchange a baby and place her into a pram. There is a road sign for 'Morecombe'. The beach and jetty can be seen at Morecombe, with a steamboat in the background and people paddling in the sea. People are walking along by the sea and sit looking out to the sea at the boats.

Two women and a baby are sitting outside the 'Merry Kettle Caf?'. A road sign for 'Bare'. The sea and sea front are shown with the tide out. Next a parked car has a pram strapped to the back. Inside the car the mother sits in the driving seat with her baby on her lap. There are views of the coast with the old stone railway bridge going over the water at Arnside. Back at the house Kathleen's father emerges from the front door her, putting the baby into the pram and walking off. Sign, 'Heysome Head Entrance'. Two women carry the baby in a cot along the beach. They stop and sit and are later joined by Kathleen's father. Back at the house the baby gets changed and the sun goes down. On a winter's day the two couples are out walking and cross a railway line. Kathleen emerges from a house with a dog on a leash followed by some adults. The film switches to family and friends grouped around a Christmas tree. The baby is the centre of attention, crawling across the floor.

Sign, 'Bowness'. Kathleen, with a dog and two women, crosses a street, and they arrive at a boat hire jetty at the side of Lake Windermere. Tourist and sailing boats are seen on the lake. Kathleen is out picking raspberries. They are then back in the garden of the large house resting, with Kathleen playing with the dog. More shots of the baby crawling, sitting, on a swing, in a pram and being held.

Intertitle: 'Southport 1950' The family are walking along the road on a fine day, with Kathleen bouncing a ball. Kathy, her sister and father sit at a caf?, and then they are playing ball on a beach. A sign for 'Skating Colonnade'. Kathleen and her father skate, around a packed skating ring, with Kathleen landing on her backside laughing. Kathleen's father skates towards Kathleen holding the camera. More shots of them, with a small boy, back at the house and on the beach. Kathleen scrambles over the rocks. Then they go paddling and walking along the sea front. The small boy has a donkey ride and they sit at a caf?. A very faint picture of a wedding photograph closes the film.