Film ID:
YFA 4554



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A film by George Wood of a holiday with friends in Italy in the 1930s, visiting Rome and Pompeii.

The film begins showing a large archway, and a group of men and women being given a tour of the ruins of an amphitheatre before boarding a bus. A smart looking man stands in front of a fountain as a horse and bray go past carrying beer barrels. The group then visit an ancient open-air arena surrounded by large classical statues and pass a tall piece of architecture. They visit many of the sights of Rome, including St Peter's, and then take a long journey along the coast on a boat. They stop off at a town near an active volcano, and the film shows molten lava flowing. There are more ruins, possibly Pompeii. They travel further overland, passing the leaning tower of Pisa. They then take another boat and the film finishes showing a statue.