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YFA 2420



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This film was made by an amateur filmmaker who was a farmer from Reighton, near Filey, North Yorkshire. The film features a family holiday to the Isle of Sky.

The film opens with the family gathered by a statue. This is followed by scenic views of the landscape and surrounding countryside. There is a sheep making its way down the lane as the family passes in a car. Following this is a sigh for the Kylerhea Ferry which pulls into dock. There is footage taken of the lake as the family rides on the ferry.

The next scene documents a parade. Members of the marching band and honour guard are in traditional Scottish costume. There is more footage of the lake taken from the ferry, and this time some of the passengers on deck can be seen. Later, after stopping in a town centre, the family make their way to the countryside to visit some old ruins, a few country cottages, and Iona Abbey. The film ends with a performance of country dancing.