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YFA 5967



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This is a film of various family days out in 1973 to locations including Ingleton, Morecombe and Newquay.

The film begins with the family travelling on a coach which passes by the viaduct at Ingleton.  They visit Ingleton, and a sign for the waterfalls can be seen.  Two women stop to have a cup of tea in a café before they visit the waterfalls.  Following this, they take a nap on the grass before going for a walk and visiting Ingleton caves.  

A group of people are at a poll at which some people slide down a rope into the water.  Not everyone is dressed in swimwear.  A couple walk together in woods before returning to Ingleton, and there is also footage of Ingleton cliffs.  The two women wander around the town and through the old streets, stopping at the shops and the church.

The film moves to the beach at Morecombe where some people are on horseback near the pier. The family walks along the seafront and visits a nearby old church.  They are next at fairground and a place that looks like renovated stables, with stocks and a statue of an odd looking monk figure.  Also included on the visit is a trip to an aviary called Winged World.  Again they walk along the seafront, past a bingo hall.  There are boats out at sea near Arnside, Lancashire, and they pass the Arnside post office.  They are next travelling on a coach, passing cliffs and a goods train.

There is a short break before they are again travelling, this time on a train along the coast.  They arrive at Newquay, with a view over the coast, harbour and town. They walk around the town and along the coast, visiting a shop that sells rocks.  The film finishes with people swimming in the bay.