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NEFA 20404



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An amateur film by Walter Gowland of Hartlepool showing various scenes around the town including the outdoor lido on the Headland and Ward Jackson Park. The film also shows family trips to Thirsk, Helmsley, Scarborough and Edinburgh. The film ends with a display of various aircraft at an airfield, possibly RAF Middleton St George, now Durham Tees Valley Airport.

The film opens on Noreen, Peter and Keith Gowland walking from a field, through a gate into a back garden of a house.

Crowds walk around the outdoor lido pool and along the pier on the Hartlepool Headland. General views of the Headland and sea wall in front of St Hilda’s Church. A crane operates near to the sea wall and a pleasure craft travels through the harbour. Noreen and the boys walk along a path beside the sea wall. They stop and drink tea.

Crowds of people enjoy Ward Jackson Park on a sunny day. Keith and Peter run around on the grass, the younger boy pushes an old fashioned pram.

A car driving down a suburban road is followed by a steam passenger train coming under a bridge. Another steam passenger train passes under the bridge in the opposite direction.

The film changes to the Market Place at Thirsk followed by the Market Place at Hemsley. One of the two boys climb on to the Lord Feversham memorial in Hemsley. Several coaches are parked alongside a road on the moor. Noreen, Peter and Keith walk around the coach. The exterior of The Towers in Scarborough is followed by Noreen and the boys walking down Castle Road. From the harbour The Grand Hotel can be seen in the distance. Two steam ships are moored on the far quayside and rowing boats pass nearby. Along Foreshore Road are several neon lit shop fronts including “Jaconelli” and “Pacitto’s”. People on deckchairs sit on the beach with others swimming in the harbour, the Scarborough Lighthouse in the distance. Crowds of people walk along Foreshore Road followed by the two boys walking up concrete steps. Several canoes travel passed and large crowds sit near the edge of the lake in Peasholm Park.

The film changes to show traffic on Princes Street in Edinburgh as seen from Edinburgh Castle. Noreen, Peter and Keith walk around the castle which is also seen from directly along Johnston Terrace. Traffic moves along Princes Street near to the Royal Scottish Academy of Art followed by a diesel passenger and steam shunting trains passing through Waverley Railway Station. In a park Noreen and boys watch some pigeons followed by a view of the Scott Memorial.

There are various civilian and military propeller and jet aircraft taking part in an air display possibly at RAF Middleton St George, now Durham Tees Valley Airport. Crowds of people look around the various aircraft followed by a view of the control tower. A propeller aircraft taxi’s along the runway followed by several airplanes flying over. A woman points into the air followed by a yellow RAF search and rescue helicopter flying past and an unknown airplane coming into land. One of the boys holding binoculars looks into the sky followed by a large twin propeller airplane flies overhead. Two military jets take off followed by three men standing on a balcony on the control town looking into the sky. A Tyne Tees Television Outside Broadcast van is followed by a camera on a platform looking at the sky and passing airplanes. A formation of four large jet airplanes passes overhead followed by a series of other large and smaller aircraft. A colourful tractor train drives passed followed by a demonstration of an anti-aircraft gun spinning around. A small military training airplane taxi’s passed a crowd and into a hanger.

The film ends on a busy road showing various red and yellow double decker buses passing by. The two boys as well as crowds of passers-by walk through an unknown park where they boys play on the grass.