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YFA 5790



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This short film shows an exhibition of hobbies organised by Shipley Rotary Club, with members’ pastimes such as model making and rope knots on display.

Title – Hobbies Exhibition Oct 1952
Title – Sponsored by Shipley Rotary Club

An early Renault motor car is parked in a rain-soaked street in Shipley.  A sign attached to a fence announces a hobbies exhibition.  Passers-by gathered on the pavement watch the car drive off. A hand holds up a flyer which reads ‘Rotary Club of Shipley – Your Hobbies Exhibition’.

Title – Opened by Mrs Wilcock J.P.

A woman wearing a ceremonial brass chain observes the proceedings in a hall filled with people and displays of their various pastimes. She stands on a stage and is presented with a bunch of flowers.
One of the stalls has a large display of English honey. Next, a flag for the Scouts is seen which reads ‘RS Boy Scouts – Angus Rhodes’, followed by a display of knots.

Title – Hard working inner wheels

A line of women stands behind a table, including the filmmaker’s wife, Mary Hall, on the far left. A large display of painted miniatures, including horses and military figures, can be seen on a table top. Another stand is covered with painted ceramics. 

Mrs Wilcock, the Justice of the Peace, makes her way round the exhibitors, chatting to various people. Mary Hall offers round a bag of sweets. Further displays are shown, including model boats, aeroplanes and a railway set with several trains.

Title – Pres. Jonathan takes a breather

Three older men stand together talking, with one smoking a cigarette. Other people mill around, chatting and looking at the displays.

Title – The organizing genius Rotarian Arthur Taylor

A man who stands talking to a woman behind a stall covered with glass bottles turns to look at the camera. The film ends with another look at the hall and the flags hung from the rafters.

Title – The End