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YFA 844



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Part of the Bradford Police Collection, this film records the events of the Annual Government Inspection which took place in Peel Park in June, 1947.

Title - Bradford City Police
Annual Government Inspection held on 25th June, 1947
Lieut. Col. Sir Frank Brook, D.S.O., M.M.
H.M. Inspector of Constabulary
Photographed in Natural Colour by F.G. Dewhirst A.R.P.S.

The film opens as the Inspector enters Peel Park. Spectators have gathered for the event. The inspection begins, and other dignitaries including the Lord Mayor walk through and inspect the officers who all stand at attention. This includes members of the mounted and mobile force. After inspection, the officers march past in a slow march and general salute. There is also a brass band which plays on this sunny day. After the march, the Inspector addresses the officers with the aid of a portable microphone. There is a shot of the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress, and the film closes with a shot of the Union Jack flag waving in the wind.