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YFA 1340



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This film captures Queen Mary and the Princess Royal doing volunteer work with servicemen during the War. It is unclear what purpose this film served, but presumably it was used as a moral boosting footage to inspire the nation to volunteer and help out in their community.

The film opens with a colour shot of Queen Mary of Teck standing outside a house. The stock then changes to black and white, and in a field, Queen Mary and the Princess Royal use a double handed saw to cut off a tree branch. Next, with assistance from several men in military uniforms, Queen Mary drags branches and lays them on a pile. Again the two Royals work the two handed saw across a log, and then there are more shots the Royals as they carry logs and branches. The filmmaker then captures a brief shot of the servicemen cutting down a tree, as one of the Royals watches from a distance.

The next shot shows Queen Mary dragging a branch, while in the background, the princess Royal hacks at a tree with a hand axe. The Royals then watch as the serviceman cut off a large branch from a tree which falls in a dramatic fashion causing the royal to laugh as a man dashes away from it. The Royals then pose by a tree as the service men climb amongst its branches. Following this, there are further shots of Queen Mary dragging twigs and small branches. The final shot of this film shows the workers and the royals lined up, posing for camera.